My Open Air Prison

Borders of Germany: Controlled. Escape route complicated. Lockdown area Corona hotspot- Ghetto- Stuttgart- outer radius: 15 km. A ghetto is built if genocide is to take place in the population group living in it. It used to be like that. 15 km beyond that, I am not allowed to drive, unless for work. It is best to never exceed the speed so that the police don’t ask where you were and for what reason.

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Threads of political and religious imprisonment Germany

I am threatened with imprisoning in psychiatry rights out of political, political and political affairs and because of my freedom of the press.

Holocaust threats in Germany, I am supposed to be picked up with the psychiatry.

Dear Sirs,

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Artemis with Arrow – painting

Paintings – art studio painting

Artemis with the bow. Painting by Juliane Arnold 2020.

Artemis reaches for her arrow in the classic style, as can already be seen on ancient figures of the goddess. In the background her temple and the symbol of the goddess: the moon. The moon also represents the crown of the goddess Artemis Diana. A hunting dog accompanies the goddess of the hunt and her dress is embroidered with the animals associated with her.

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The big beast – the riddle of the sphinx

There are likely thousands of books and research papers on the pyramids at Giza. It is puzzled and suspected that extraterrestrials were here to leave us works of art like this one. In the Cheops pyramid, a couple of smaller chambers, approx. 30 cm high, were found above one of the main rooms, the “King’s Chamber”. Builders of the pyramid probably left graffiti here, with the word “Cheops” written on it in hieroglyphs. That was enough to create a story of the late Pharaoh who should have been buried here and after whom the whole pyramid was named. The other two pyramids were then named after his son and grandson.

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New Paintings- Goddesses

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The hatred in Germany is back

There is incredible great hate in Germany. Stoked by the Catholic Church is rushed for everyone who is not in their church and all women. It is constantly said that women’s rights should be abolished and human rights should not apply.

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