The drama of 9-11- airplane without wings-Part 2

The World Trade Center collapsed on 09.11.2001 and buried there many people under the ruins. The drama has shocked the whole world. The films with the airplanes were sent later on tv.

The World Trade Center collapsed on 09.11.2001 and buried there many people under the ruins. The drama has shocked the whole world. The films with the airplanes were sent later on tv.

Rendering errors arise whenever a 3 D animation is done.

Everyone who already played had an old 3 D computer game may have experienced, as parts of the animated character go at once through the wall or appear in a completely different place in the room, as they should.
This results from the errors that occur during three dimensional computer-animation.
In 1999, I was trained as a multimedia designer and learned to create 3D animations.
In 2001, I worked at a Stuttgart-based television production company and we made animations with similar programs. Of course, this here discussed film, was not made of us. But it was a similar situation. The computers of the whole company were connected together to figure out a short animation sequence over the weekend. This process is called rendering. If so then an animation of a few minutes is calculated, we then often found out, that as few mistakes have emerged, rendering errors that the computer has not accurately calculated the pictures. We had to begin again rendering. What I want to say is: It took time and several trials to get a good animated film without errors of rendering.
So it was in 2001, a time-consuming process to make a 3 D animation. Even the better equipped television production companies and film studios needed their time to do it.

With such a 3 D animation you have a three dimensional scene, different cameras can be placed at different locations there. The cameras placed inside the scene are now “filming” the 3 D animated object. This can be a plane as an example, flying somewhere. With the virtual cameras, you can film the same animation of two different sides of view and the film is then rendered. It then creates a short movie of an airplane that has a certain trajectory and occupies a certain position in space.
You can therefore let a plane be flying and be filmed from the side and be filmed from below and from some other perspectives. Now you have films from different perspectives with only the plane, the rest is left transparent. Now the film of the plane animated can be copied into an existing film and positioned that it fits the original film scene. Now it looks like the plane is flying through the original film. If you have different films from other perspectives, you can put in the same animation, rendered from the other camera perspectives.
It can just happen that for example, the right wing of the plane has an rendering error and is simply missing. Just as is the case in this film:


A few seconds later:


And a bit later, the aircraft already disappears into the wall of the building.


On this picture you can see that the wing looks very cut off and the aircraft. The wall is completely undamaged.


From a different camera angle of view, the same rendering errors can be seen, the left wing was lost at the rendering.



It can sometimes happen that by rendering from another side, one of the wings is calculated correctly, which was incorrectly calculated by the other camera perspective.This can typically happen in 3 D animations and even at 2 D animations.

This perspective shows us on figure 2 that a few seconds later in another film, that after the plane crashed into the tower that the wing which can be seen in figure 1, has left no harm in the building.


There is another perspective of the same scene, in the back of the left wing of the aircraft is missing.


The finished film was presented to us some time after the collapse of the world trade center towers. Sure all have seen before.
It is certain that in the interior of the towers explosions have caused fires. In this explosion, our aircraft had to fly and be displaced. That is, a three dimensional animation could only be made owhen it is exactly clear on where the damage has occurred in the towers. If now such a plane is copied into the film, it can easily happen that the timing is not quite right. In this case, you can see for a short time of film frames that the wall has no damage after the plane flew into it. Only then came the explosion inside. So the animation is so wrong timed and this can be seen simultaneously by several perspectives.
First, in the reporting, there was only the burning towers and the collapsing buildings and the rescue efforts of assistants reported on television. Saving people is always the first thing of interest.
After years, for me it has been still hard to analyse films and watch them again and again frame by frame to search for reasons.
The whole shock left a trauma for all mankind.

I mourn with all the families of every victim who had to suffer under the terror of 9-11.


Video censored by YouTube. Watch it here.9-11-explosion-withoutplanes-New-York2001-1



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© Author: Juliane Arnold. Stuttgart. Germany
Updated and translated from german version ( September 06. 2016

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