The female Da Vinci


Caution: Art discussion
It has become customary in modern german language that men are no longer spoken exclusively, even if women have a function or a profession.
So, for example, male doctor and a female doctor, female chancellor, male president and female president. Male artist and female artist, male feminist and female feminist, male hacker and female hacker, male merchant and female merchant, male author and female author, husband and wife. I know in english it is the same word.
The world-famous drawing: the vitruv man of Leonardo Da Vinci, has a special meaning for us. The picture is a theory of proportion for the right drawing of a human being. At the same time it represents the quadrature of the circle. The circle circumference of the image must be the same circumference as that of the square. At the same time, it is important to observe the golden cut in order to establish the ideal proportions of a person. These are basic ideas of the Renaissance times around the year 1500. The center of the circle is the center of the universe. Symbolically spoken. That is why the belly of the Vitruvian man of Da Vinci is the center of the circle drawn around it. The square symbolizes matter. The center of the square is the man’s step, along with the phallus.
Da Vinci has thus left us a work of art that places the man at the center of the universe, the world and matter.

As a feminist, I could not let this work stand alone.
“It is not good that the man is alone.” (Genesis 1)

The center of the universe is now also the abdomen of a woman and the center of the matter is in the step of the woman.
So I created the drawing “The Vitruvian Woman”. Mirrored footprints to the original Da Vinci drawing. The old image bears the name homo vitruvian. Therefore, the Vitruvian woman is called vitruv madonna. Madonna was the word for woman at the time. It was also abbreviated with the word Mona, as is to be read by Ms Lisa.
The Vitruvian woman can now be used as a female counterpart to the Vitruvian man. The man is no longer alone. In the center of the universe is now also a woman. The picture is changed.

© February, 3. 2017 Author: Mrs. Juliane Arnold. Stuttgart, Germany.

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