Catalan President Puigdemont in German Prison

Democracy is when the people vote,

even if other politicians are against it.As with the people of Catalonia, which voted against the opinion of the Spanish government.It has decided to emancipate itself, make it independent and manage itself.It has also elected a president.The Spanish government has done its utmost to prevent excesses of violence during the referendum in Catalonia last year.The police put themselves in the way of the voting, voting peoplethat it could not reach the polling booths without forcibly gaining access.There were injured voters.These events were broadcast live on Twitter and could be watched by everyone.Videos filmed by voters were published and sent. On the Twitter channel of @JulianAssange it is reported, about which the German media exclusively weighed themselves out.Concealing something is not an influence and politics does not tell our media what to write.It is unpleasant now that the problem of the German public must be made public, because the elected by the Catalan people, President Puigdemont was imprisoned in Germany, on the basis of a European arrest warrant.He is blamed for the excesses of violence in the referendum.German legal experts are now asking whether this is permissible since the president Puigdemont has called only for election and referendum and not for violence.There is no crime whatsoever except that the result of the referendum does not fit in with the Spanish Government.

Democracy is when the people decide.The Catalonian people have decided that Puigdemont should be their president.And that they want to be independent of Spain.

I do not know exactly when the Catalonian people were conquered historically by the Spaniards. But it is a fact that they have their own language and represent their own people. Many peoples of the earth suffer from the same foreign determination of former conquerors, such as Kurds or Corsicans or Northern Irish. Conflicts will be eternally smoldering, as the people will be subjected to another people against their will. The rulers have the military power. We are not talking about the Free State of Bavaria right now. But the name Free State for a federal state tells us that even the Bavarians feel like their own oppressed people. What if they want to start their own nation?
Since Catalonia wants to remain a member of the EU, the problem is not that big.The people of Catalonia want self-determination from foreign rulers.In order to preserve peace and not to provoke eternal popular uprisings, a state could sometimes give in and respect plebiscites.The American people could not be held back from independence at that time, since they themselves had the military power in America.So it’s about violence against an ethnic group by the military power of a state.This people no longer want to be part of Spain.President Puigdemont should represent it to enforce this.Politically.With the arrest of Puigdemont, Germany is currently judging the Catalonia conflict.It decides on the legality of the European arrest warrant.President Puigdemont is one of those people for whom the right to asylum has been created in Germany for the politically persecuted.The creators of the Basic Law place political persecutees in Germany under special protection.It is unwise to put the elected Catalonian president here in prison.As always a constitutional break.We are waiting for the hands-free custom of German justice.How much our government interferes remains to be seen.It cares more about the EU partnership than about the human rights of individual citizens and does not want to spoil itself with Spain.The judiciary is completely independent of laws and government.That says the experience.It has its own rules, which often become explainable and logical with corruption alone.

The Twitter account of the US persecuted embassy refugee and journalists @JulianAssange has not only reported as one of the few media available in Germany on the turmoil in the catalonian referendum, he is now also prevented on tweeting further, as he is banned from interference in politics.His last tweet on Puigdemont criticizes Germany’s dealings with politicians persecuted by Spain.

“In 1940, the elected president of Catalonia, Companys, was captured by the Gestapo at the request of Spain, extradited to her and executed. The German police have today arrested the elected president of Catalonia, Puigdemont, for extradition. ” Https://

Who censors a lot has a lot to hide.It is quite clear how information about the Catalonia conflict should be suppressed and how shamelessly journalists are silenced.

© April 05, 2018 author Ms. Juliane Arnold. Stuttgart, Germany.

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