Julian Assange behind bars – The end of WikiLeaks freedom of press?

Donald Trump’s fight against the freedom of the press and the WikiLeaks platform has been clearly visible in recent weeks. First, the WikiLeaks informant Chelsea Manning was brought into bondage to testify against Julian Assange. Chelsea Manning was pardoned by Barack Obama in early 2018 and released from her life imprisonment. Donald Trump, who had talked big words about WikiLeaks in his election campaign: “I love WikiLeaks(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xnEoVzLKNPw&feature=youtu.be) is now radically against the Internet platform WikiLeaks and their employees. In particular, the initiator and publisher of the website Julian Assange has been under enormous pressure since April 2018 by the officials of the Ecuadorian Embassy. He was isolated and was no longer allowed to use the Internet and receive no visitors. Meanwhile, the mood of the Ecuadorian government against the embassy asylum Assange is tilted. The change of government Equador and new President Moreno triggered another kind of policy against WikiLeaks. The mood within the embassy worsened and some sort of conflict between Mr. Assange and the ambassador led to his embassy asylum being lifted and handed over to British police. This detained him on Thursday. He is being charged with violating bail order and “entering someone else’s computer”. It is the first time that the press mentions that Julian Assange himself should be accused of hacking. So far, this has not been proved, because he is the publisher, editor, webmaster, and editor of the WikiLeaks website, which provides secret and often hacked and captured data on the Internet to the world public and the press. Publishing information is an international fundamental right, the freedom of the press guaranteed by the constitutions in democratic countries. However, this basic right does little to protect Mr. Assange from engaging with the US Army and exposing war crimes in Iraq and Afghan war or torture at the Guantanamo concentration camp. Although Donald Trump used WikiLeaks as a weapon in his election campaign against Hillary Clinton, he now opposes the Internet platform. Mr. Trump is known for calling the free press a “fake news” whenever he dislikes the published content or criticizes him personally or disagrees with his personal and political views and policies. And that’s exactly what they call the freedom of the press. Mr. Assange had the courage to live the freedom of the press, no matter where his informants had obtained this information and data. He had to pay through a 7 year embassy escape for where he lived in a tiny space without sunlight since 2012. Last Thursday, he was brutally dragged out of the embassy and taken to a British prison. It is hoped that WikiLeaks will have more anonymous employees who will continue to run the platform and will not face prison terms and political persecution.

The imprisonment of freelance journalists and website operators is a denial of our basic democratic rights and an Internet censorship that has been ordered from the top.

My personal opinion:

Of course, one obfuscates censorship by blaming Mr. Assange for all sorts of things. The Swedish allegation of rape was dropped by the local police. As a feminist I have looked at this case for a long time and again and again and again. It was in the discussions above all that two women demanded an AIDS test by Mr. Assange because no condoms had been used during sex.

Mr. Assange had already been searched by the American government for unwelcome press coverage. It is quite possible that a publisher should be silenced by this type of accusation to be delivered to the US if he were to sit behind the Swedish bars. A political move by the American secret services that comes out so clearly that as a feminist I say that this time it really has to be a false charge. But it was not clarified and for the sake of justice one cannot take a specific side. The case stinks, however, because he must have come to the American authorities to arrest Mr. Assange and have him extradited to the US. And again, women’s rights are being used and they are implausible, as if all women were making false accusations, because in this case it is so clearly a political persecution of an unwelcome journalist. The credibility of really raped women is the collateral damage that has arisen.

Mr. Assange, meanwhile, is still threatened with extradition to the United States in the UK, who want to detain him for espionage, and threatens him to be sent to the Guantanamo torture camp.

This is absolutely unacceptable from the point of view of the International Convention on Human Rights. And it is the end of the free press, which is to be deeply intimidated hereby.


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