About the so-called Fake News: Censored sentence of the day

Fake news like this are not a fake news, it is a sentence that I have get from the state-recognized propaganda press, which may continue to hold their opinion and press freedom because it is the opinion of the powerful, and not that of the people. The sentence was mirrored in a online newspaper:
Link: http://m.spiegel.de/wirtschaft/soziales/a-1125976.html

Censored sentence of the day 15.12.2016:

“The probability of a policy change is much higher if this policy change is supported by a large number of people with higher incomes.” (Censored from: Poverty and Wealth Report of the Federal Government)


A work of art like this, which I had designed, like a poem song book, would be fined € 500,000 for the new laws for Facebook and social media, and anyone who saw it would receive from the federal government:

“No, we have not been bribed by the rich in our government decisions.”

It is clear that the ruling and the official media are not happy about the competition from the Internet and try to fight it with all hardness.

The right to freedom of expression is a basic pillar of our democracy.
It is the right of the other mind, even if others disagree. Even the facts and truths often differ from the facts and “truths” which other people regard as true. Because I believe something you do not believe does not mean I or you are right or wrong. We have different opinions, and each one can be heard and disseminated in a democracy and a free country, even if I am so disagreeed. It is the duty of everyone to endorse the minds of the other minds and to contradict them with arguments and evidence and not to impose a muzzle on them, or to delete the documents, postings and reports from the Internet, simply because a state has the power to do so. To abuse this power, against people who have no press and PR office. The powerless have received through the social media and the Internet a medium in which they can finally make use of their fundamental rights to freedom of expression. They no longer lack the financial means or the print media, in order to put this into effect. Suddenly there is real democracy and ALL people can influence. It is the duty of a democracy to endure and convince with arguments rather than with penalties and misuse of power or by deleting content.

On the subject of hatred and insults, I would like to point out that hate and incitement to the existing criminal offenses can already be and will be combated. The introduction of anti-fake news is not about fighting offenses or insults, but a massive attack on the foundations of our democracy:


At this point in history, we are not standing for the first time. It is about basic rights acquired with lots of blood. People have died and revolutions had been made to bring our civilization so far. It is the duty of all to defend these fundamental rights.

“You disagree with me and I will defend your right till death.” Voltaire

“Freedom is always the freedom of the other.” Rosa Luxemburg

And finally:

“Art 5

(1) Everyone has the right to freely express and disseminate his or her opinion in words, writing and images, and to inform himself without hindrance from generally accessible sources. Freedom of the press and the freedom to broadcast and broadcast are guaranteed. A censorship does not take place.”

The German Basic Law, as it is today!

©  December, 17 2016 Author: Mrs. Juliane Arnold. Stuttgart, Germany.

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