Athena – Goddess of Greece and Athens

Painting of Juliane Arnold, Stuttgart Artist, Germany. Oil on Canvas- 2022.

Athenia – oil on canvas. Goddess of Greece and Athens – Painting – Art – Painting – Juliane Arnold
Athena- Goddess of Greece- Athens

Athena was the first elected goddess of Greece and thus the founder of democracy. She was elected goddess of Athens by the other gods and won the election against Poseidon. She is the military leader of Athens and kept the god of war Ares away from her people by fighting against him.

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Artemis with Arrow – painting

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Artemis with the arrow. Painting by Juliane Arnold 2020.

Artemis reaches for her arrow in the classic style, as can already be seen on ancient figures of the goddess. In the background her temple and the symbol of the goddess: the moon. The moon also represents the crown of the goddess Artemis Diana. A hunting dog accompanies the goddess of the hunt and her dress is embroidered with the animals associated with her.