Background information: What happened to the censored website

At the time of the G20 summit in Hamburg peaceful protests and also riots took place against the G 20 summit.The G 20 summit had been cunningly placed by the government precisely into the biggest German problem and ruckus district they could find.Exactly knowing that there would be riots.The police Hamburg is trained to react to something like that.Of course this was only the stupidity of the government and no intention.

Now it is possible to go against the left opposition, because the population has seen on television how violent the Left are ALL and the CDU government can finally get tough on ALL Left and Left websites and left parties.This makes it possible to make the best use of the election campaign, to place the left opposition as a riot maker and to forget the right-radical Pegida movement.That is a long time ago.

Thus left-hand cultural centers are closed and left-wing Internet sites.One of them is the page, which has a discussion forum, where people may post their opinions.To moderate such forums is always critical.I myself did not know about the site until the censorship of Mr De Maizière.The remaining pages of the website however explain that the forum was also used by so-called agent provocateur to publish content.They accuse the government and the AfD of having uploaded credentials to link the leftists to the riots in Hamburg.

In any case, the Minister of Interior De Maizière described the website as a criminal offense and ordered it to be closed as if he were a police and a judge.Thus, judicial and executive, although he actually represents the legislative since he is in the government.The reason for the closure of the website was not even the new Facebookcensoringlaw, called networkenforcementlaw (networksupressionlaw), but an association law.Linksunten is not registered as a club, but since it is administered by more than 1 person, it has been classified as a club of at least 2 persons and has been banned.It had to go quickly.Main page: The site should not provide a discussion forum for left topics during the election campaign.It has now been offline for a month and the advantage lies with the belongs to the Antifascist protest movement, the Antifa, which combats the return of the Nazis and the right-wing radicals in Germany.It is also anti-Afd.The Antifa was given such a hard blow.

Who exactly the credentials on the Internet platform has published, is thus unclear.The discussion forum is offline and it was a short time to read an explanatory text that has also disappeared.

On the night of 08.25.2017 the computers of the website operators were confiscated by the police in Freiburg.This is reported by party member of the Left Baden-Württemberg and Antifa activist Daniel Behrens was imprisoned.He is accused to have published calls for criminal offenses.

Readable and verifiable is nothing more, it is all offline.

©  September 12, 2017 Author: Mrs. Juliane Arnold. Stuttgart, Germany.

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