BLONDEBLUE: the religion of blondebeing

Caution: I have a dark aura. Blonde master race do not read!

Caution # 2:. Racist text directed against the godlike master race of Aryan.

Caution # 3:. This text is not free of cynicism. T he reader and the female reader must apply a basic understanding of irony.


How Incarnated Angels look:

“Incarnated Angels tend to:
* to have cute, heart-shaped faces

* look like angels


* lighten their hair or have hair highlights

* Seems to shine. “(Doreen Virtue:.. The new Earth Angels ISBN 978-3-548-74419-3.S 31)

J: “I am yelled at my everywhere in the street and looked at evil.”

T (female): “That is because you have something in your Dark Aura. This is just at the many violence, you have experiencet, that the people are afraid of, and that gives you a grim aura! ”

“The Blonde reminds us of childhood, because children still have lighter hair and it looks like innocence and purity.” (Somewhere on German television)

B (male): “Your photo is fascinating, my friend said he wants to fall on his knees and wants to be whipped by you. You just look like a Mortisha Munster, some like it.”

(“Welt der Wunder”- “World of Wonder.” Broadcast on 17.08.2016)

“There are always theses that there is to be an extinction of blonde hair color. Mistaken extrapolations of decline, according to which people with blond hair at a given time would be extinct, is widespread since 1865 always in the news; a last peak was reached in the year of 2002. However, from the principle of recessive inheritance follows that an intermixing indeed leads to that the blond gene is rarely pronounced phenotypically but remains genotyped. Without additional selection pressure extinction in the narrower sense is therefore highly unlikely [8], but there is the possibility that the property phenotypically is nonexistent. “(Https://

The German girls are strictly warned by the Association of Teachers to bother with dark haired refugees. These just want sex with them.

“Teachers’ Association warns girls of asylum seekers.

In his members newspaper, the association is concerned about “sexual adventure” between students and “attractive Muslim men”.

( )

The blonde woman dies out. She is a direct descendant from the gods of Atlantis and therefore has alien roots. (Occult traditions of National Socialism) Gerhart of Attiqua impressed the word that describes “Aryan”:. BLONDBLUE, So blond hair, blue eyes. )

The blonde Gretchen is that for which the German man enters into a pact with the devil so that he gets her into bed (Faust. Johann Wolfgang Goethe)

Ensure wearing a Dirndl as Mrs Goebbels has been done before, as a Mother’s Cross wearer should just do that. You should be blond, wearing dirndl, put at least 3-10 blonde blue-eyed children in the world and serve the man.

Dirndl are sold again in every woman’s clothing store.

“The hair colors blond and dark, can mark the good and the evil protagonist, as in the fairy tale Frau Holle Gold Marie and Pechmarie.” ( Https:// )

The little girls learn in kindergarten that the blonde get the prince and brunette are evil witches that are then are burned.
There is no brunette Barbie doll. So women should look today as Daniela Katzenberger, which runs through to earn money: to dye one’s hair. In another way a woman that has no Blondgene can not get through life. The surviving chances of the brunette woman in Germany are low. But you may like to work in brothels or as cleaning staff. If she has survived the many violence. So in my case. Finally already the teachers know that the intelligenzgene is blond and give bad grades, especially the girls, who sit in class after child rape mutistic, so silent and silenced in the classroom.

The silent voiceless and silent is paramount command that rapists impose. If she is not silent, it’s just false accusation.

The fact that the dark-haired are the EVIL, white racist exactly knows in Germany. This teaches us even the “good old Adolf” (as widely spoken lovingly about Hitler, who has deeply bombed himself in the heart of the blonde German), whose book, in a “CRITICAL” remake, the Aryan doctrine becomes available again. It explains exactly why the “Semites” are the evil and how they look. Who has forgotten that all Jews are ugly, like me, it gets to feel in the “CRITICAL” remake of the film Jud Suess, that was yesterday (08.17.2016) again broadcast on Arte (TV canal).

( Http:// )

There were housed as much original film clips inside as it was possible that the film is still considered a “CRITICAL”. They let the most unattractive Germans play the Jews, as it was the case in the original film. While our actor Moritz Bleibtreu -Beauty, as always lets the women’s hearts beat faster, so they can warm up for Nazism while he plays us the perfect Joseph Goebbels. It had MAN to color the hair dark, so the Moritz, not Joseph. Nowadays you would have a Joseph Goebbels put definitely, because of his hair color, to the secondary school and then in Hartz IV and the alcohol addiction. Our selective systems are fully functional and have proven themselves.

Even Nazi women are played by our prettiest and up coming talents. Not that anyone thinks something bad about Mrs. Goebbels, who has killed her own 5-100 children at the end herself.
“Witnesses said that Magda Goebbels had played cards in silence after the murder of her children.” ( Https:// )

The Nazis are “HEROES of the fatherland”, whose bodies are still being sought (Hitler survived in Argentina. Jan van Helsing, Abel Basti ISBN -10:.. 3938656204) so that they can light candles at the graves in secret if no one sees it. Therefore there is no political opposition from the other parties if the AFD openly warms Nazism in blue. Instead, the other parties do think about how they better respect the concerns of citizens and bring the brunettes out of town. So foreigners or recognized refugees, even if they have lived here 40 years.

“” We’ll get right Ghetto problems “Gabriel asks: State must prescribe the refugees where they should live”

Mr. Gabriel (SPD): The word ghetto does not refer to a city, but in an area that a discriminated group can not leave. You want to move the ghetto just outside the city.

We in Germany are today closer to the Third Reich than in 1980. The dress, the standard outfit of the Nazi Women with Mother’s Cross is to buy again everywhere, the brunette woman is accosted on the street, she should leave the country. That was me. The woman, not the mobber.

I am evil in person, have a dark aura and appearance of Morticia Addams or Munster.

(Male): “Something that men simply don´t want to see. Finally colour your hair blond ”

Prejudices were stoked, you are HAIRCOLOR. Also Jewish.

So I am in the world to be raped from the blond man. Says Manfred, my child rapist when I was. 3. Then the other men. They told me in the face. It is important for me that I know that it is for laughter till dead that ONE LIKE ME, is loved by a man. He really chooses very well that his broodmare brings precious genetic material.

I explain some plastic parts that were found in my inner when trying forced sterilization. But doctors ignore. Only a Muslim Doctor has seen it and mistaken for a cyst. He just was not privy to the secret eugenics. (What serious accusation. The second doctor was just floppy in watching the ultrasound image)

2 years pain included, so fuck what happens to a Jewess in Germany. It is still like that.

Jewess I can not prove personally. (Inner Connection is not proof, not in Germany) That only know the other. My Aryan “mother” has always looked at me with disgust and those who organize rape such as organized crime with german correctness and they have exactly known it.

Personally, I am in Germany since that I’ll be raped so that the Aryan man can live out his sadism on me. They have learned from Mengele how much pain a person endures without she dies and what white torture is, which is not visible afterwards.

My task and determination, is to know that I am the lowest of the low, there to be hated in a scientifically elaborated perfection.

No one will believe you that you’re the “Falschbeschuldigerin” (false accusation) with delusions that “You can not prove it,” the physical resistance can not show on film and therefore anyway to be behind bars for displaying rape or just get in psychiatry, if you are who believes to have paralysis which is false accusating, sitting in a wheelchair. Colorblindness of German people leads to my invisibility for doctors. It is only blond and seen perceived.
“Perception weaknesses should be individualiced educated for handicapped. But ONE AS YOU, should not teach German children. ”

“she can not move”

If she hangs tied from a window and has a near-death experience, then she has a memory, of the near-death experience. These memories do not go into the posttraumatic amnesia. So it’s no physical resistance? So it is not defined as rape, says the Zynism, uh Justice, uh Korruptia. A “No” was not recorded on the film, the gun stuck in my mouth. So the justice court can not know that I had meant “no” to the rape not to the filming, and not only the smartphone that is kept on the face for movies. Certainly a roaring trade on porn sites of Blonde- Rapeublik Germany.
Mrs Merkel would get at 19% VAT and I can be happy that I do not have the police in the house have to pay “entertainment tax”. How are other rape-vicitm, referred to as a prostitute and therefore they may be misused legal.

Today I ugly woman am angry again because I could not be converted to Blondism although this is taught on all channels to us:

(Attention all non blonde that does not protect against regular rape)

There was a time when it was not said how abysmally ugly are people like me.
(only the Jud Suess program is now broadcasted again public.) that is what the already know by themself, it will simply been told what is the desired gene.

The BLONDGENE, because of that each man gets a stiff trousers. He should get, it is taught to him.

He grows up here with the Blonde Religion, provided with a bunch of mythology, that one’s ethnicity should rise into the sky, to angels and godlike mastermen. At least they have extraterrestrial origin. This is quite sufficient to be uncensored deemed not racist and not anti-Semitic. It it allowed to broadcast it on television and to be written in the newspaper.

So is the name of the goddess in Germany: Blonde.
By the way: The Blondgene is only required by a woman. In biology class of Mendel and genetics was skipped. From man, not from me.

Brunette women are publicly called to bleach the hair on television. Finally! (World of Wonder broadcast 11.08.2016 (Welt der Wunder))

(Please understand this quote as a criticism, not as a call)

It is not entirely clear when the Eugenikpolice passes to control the bleaching, or if simply all others are forcibly sterilized.

Survival in Germany remains a gauntlet running for all non blondes.

© english- version
Actualisiced from german version.
August 18, 2016 author Juliane Arnold. Stuttgart. Germany.

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