Artemis with Arrow – painting

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Artemis with the bow. Painting by Juliane Arnold 2020.

Artemis reaches for her arrow in the classic style, as can already be seen on ancient figures of the goddess. In the background her temple and the symbol of the goddess: the moon. The moon also represents the crown of the goddess Artemis Diana. A hunting dog accompanies the goddess of the hunt and her dress is embroidered with the animals associated with her.


——- Patriarchy


has no mother, no daughter, no sister and no wife.

He murdered her long ago.

Nevertheless, the Father’s Spirit compels me to worship him.


  • You are the slave of the man,
  • Dress ugly, look nice,
  • Look at the ground,
  • Soft voice, keep lowered,
  • Sou should only speak after a male request, Read more “OURFATHERKINGDOM”

The female Da Vinci


Caution: Art discussion
It has become customary in modern german language that men are no longer spoken exclusively, even if women have a function or a profession.
So, for example, male doctor and a female doctor, female chancellor, male president and female president. Male artist and female artist, male feminist and female feminist, male hacker and female hacker, male merchant and female merchant, male author and female author, husband and wife. I know in english it is the same word. Read more “The female Da Vinci”

This text brought me comment, to murder myself

Election Program AfD: Alternative Fascism for Germany

Housewife sexslave is everything the woman is allowed to be.
The only alternative for Germany’s women: HartzIV starve.

AfD is the alternative right-radical fascism that will transport us back into the World War and Holcaust.


Here you get real Nazis who destroy and assassinate and oppress others.The women and children will be deprived and brought into sex slavery and dark-haired in the gas chamber.

World War, Women’s Slavery, Mass Murder, Holocaust.

Or you vote for something different! Read more “This text brought me comment, to murder myself”

Juliane Arnold: Inspirations for my art

The depth of these images can not be reproduced on any art print. Her intense color, and the luster of the figures, which arose from the darkness, caused a heart-rushing with me, as in an infatuation. I have always fell in love immortal in art. It was the same with the great art exhibition of the Impressionist Paul Cézanne, who was in Tübingen years ago. The faded art prints from postcards and books can only be described as an indication of the intensity of the ink from an original oil painting.

no5-Juliane-ArnoldCurrent art auction: Buy Original: Federfrau, Öl auf Leinwand. Juliane Arnold 2015

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The pictures of Pablo Picasso hung in my parents’ home all my life.I admired the “girl with the dog”, a drawing so much that I wanted to be able to draw like this Picasso.In the meantime, I have found mistakesmade in this picture and draw my girl better. The dog is perfect.

Inspired by Käthe Kollwitz: Thinking, Juliane Arnold


The flutter of the dove became the symbol of peace movement and the abstraction of Read more “Juliane Arnold: Inspirations for my art”

Crawling in my skin. These wounds they will not heal

Mourning for Chester Bennington,
Singer of Linkin Park,
Victim of child-rape


Depression is a disease, I read in the press.This is true.That is why Chester Bennington, singer of the band Linkin Park, is not to blame that committed suicide.He is a victim of a serious mental illness. Read more “Crawling in my skin. These wounds they will not heal”



Die „STOP TRUMP ART GUERILLA“ Künstlerinitiative verarbeitet das Donald Trump Trauma mit künstlerisch progressivem Internetaktivismus.
Es werden weitere Anti-Trump Aktionen folgen.

ART GUERILLA wird sich auch weiteren politischen Themen widmen.

Künstlerinitiative Gründerin und Mitglied: Juliane Arnold. Gründung am 31. Januar 2017

The “STOP TRUMP ART GUERILLA” artist initiative handles the Donald Trump trauma with artistically progressive internet activism.
Further anti-trump actions will follow.

ART GUERILLA will also devote itself to other political issues.

Artistic founder and member: Juliane Arnold. Established on January 31, 2017

If you want to become a member. Please contact: