The big beast – the riddle of the sphinx

There are likely thousands of books and research papers on the pyramids at Giza. It is puzzled and suspected that extraterrestrials were here to leave us works of art like this one. In the Cheops pyramid, a couple of smaller chambers, approx. 30 cm high, were found above one of the main rooms, the “King’s Chamber”. Builders of the pyramid probably left graffiti here, with the word “Cheops” written on it in hieroglyphs. That was enough to create a story of the late Pharaoh who should have been buried here and after whom the whole pyramid was named. The other two pyramids were then named after his son and grandson.

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New Paintings- Goddesses

The goddess revolution. The goddess says: I am a woman

Goddess is female, she is a woman. It is the moon and the universe, it is everything and all women.

It is there and it will always be. So changeable, so forever.

Freemasons consider Da Vinci’s theory of proportion to be an image of God. A god with a male member, arms stretched out in the crucifixion position, but not pierced. So a pure undamaged god, but man, because Da Vinci wants to show a man in this picture. In defense of Da Vinci: The text in the picture explains how to draw an act that is in correct proportion and what the conditions are in the human body. The picture is sold as a secret knowledge as a picture of God. The man as God in the center of the world = square and in the universe = circle. So he became ruler of the spiritual and material world.

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they threat on me to imprison me because of my German blog

Suspicion of curruption mentioned: Injunction received from lawyer

Statement on the sentence:

"The lawyer, who was no longer available in the middle of the process and sent vacation vacation emails, now writes to me that he only represents employers. He switched to the other side in the middle. I suspect corruption.”

An accusation of the lawyer as "corrupt" is not there, but is merely a "suspicion" and may be interpreted as an expression of opinion.

The suspicion of corruption lies not only on the lawyer, but also on the counterparty from the dismissal protection process that he led, the Stuttgart Regional Council.

Concerning this Article:

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How Angela Merkel eliminates her political opponents


At the moment that someone comes into the vicious circle of power around Angela Merkel and grows up to a serious competition, there is a great danger for him or her to be shot down by Mrs. Merkel. She is very skilled. If you want to destroy someone, you must first kill his reputation, destroy the respect for the person, and erase his goals. In the meantime, political opponents of church state policy are being attacked throughout Germany. Anyone who does not share the views of the Church and the CDU and Angela Merkel will be defamed, deceived, slandered and misrepresented about him or her. So it happened to me, so it happens to more famous people. Read more “How Angela Merkel eliminates her political opponents”