Censored, politically and religiously persecuted

The dictatorship of the Christian Party of the CDU tolerates no other opinion.

In all the newspapers in recent years, the declared war against the social media and the free expression of citizens stood. A fundamental right of the constitution of Germany. Anyway, our powerful oppressors turn their eyes only annoyed and shout that the Bible grants them the right to this revival of National Socialist fascism. In state television, which is financed with high compulsory contributions from every household, it is proclaimed: “It can not be that everyone here is allowed to express their opinions as they wish”

I beg your pardon? Once again a fundamental right that has been abolished by our opinion dictators. In addition to the censorship law called “Network Enforcement Act“ (Netzwerkdurchsetzungsgesetz), there are still some in the measures to terrorize dissidents. Because of my blog (artemisnews.de) it is not, because the blog was introduced as a cry for help and publication to bring these things to light. The computer is hacked regularly. 2 of them are irretrievable and never come back. Now I have a Macintosh for security, which is not so prone to Trojans and viruses. Kaspersky did not save the old Windows 7 PC for 20 €. McAffee Live Save, 60 € is suddenly in 1970 and has the virus scanner of this year. Since then he is turned off from time to time and then someone logs into my social network accounts. Once you have to hear me, I would have offered prostitution or child abuse on my Facebook. I deleted the account. Recently, the password could not be changed until it finally went back, I also deleted this account. I do not want to be jailed for the crimes of a hacker.

In this way, the desire on Facebook, because I do not like to see my friends are insulted by someone strange in my name over the messenger or someone from the priest here wants to sell his child pornography about it.

Politically and religiously stood there on all my Facebook accounts. A thorn in the face of the people who terrorize me here.

Canceled twice because of my religion or my resignation from the CDU-run Ministry of Culture does not mean that I will be persecuted religiously! After all, they tell me that only in an indirect way and I cannot prove it.

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