Censorship on this website: juliane-arnold.com

This site has been censored from alphahosting provider, who deleted the domain juliane-arnold.com.

The story: My emailadresses are always hacked, but the provider normally sends the bills to my home in paper form. This time it only came to a hacked emailadress and I did not see it.

They closed my business website and my german blog and my art website and then I saw the bill, by looking for, what was wrong. I payed the 16.80 € emediately, but the domain juliane-arnold.com has been deleted.

Now they extrose me to pay 128 € to get it back or it will be closed.

This all happened 3 days after I alarmed the police to get my stalking hatespeech commentator Bettina, who told me to commit suicide or to get into the psychiatric clinic.

I search for another provider now.

In between I found out, who is my enemy here in Stuttgart.
It is the organised crime, who controls the scene, who kidnaps women for the brothels and rape them under drugs, and who takes our human rights and ignores them before justice.

This Mafia organisation is the enemy I fight the whole day.


© Oktober 09, 2017 Author: Mrs. Juliane Arnold. Stuttgart, Germany.
German version: artemisnews.de

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