Decomposition, shading and tracking

The man is standing in front of me in the bus line 42 (Stuttgart East), Mediterranean type, blonde wig. (See photo) In his green bag he has a beige cords trousers and other garments. His wig and dark eyebrows do not fit at all, especially because his wig slips. The oddness strikes me. Someone wants to camouflage himselve. I took a photo with the smartphone. Normally I would not publish such a photo. Everyone has the right to wear a blonde wig. I was on the road to therapy because of my post-traumatic stress syndrome, which I have from my rape and torture. So it was 14:20 o’clock. The man gets out after I took the picture. My therapy is at the other end of the city, Stuttgart West. So it is a long journey. Afterwards, I still have to go to my doctor after that, in the Rheinsburgstrasse (Stuttgart West) quite far up. I go there on foot, for training purposes. I need a new recipe and have to squat in the waiting room. It is about 16.30 o’clock The same man comes in, he wears the beige cords trousers and sits right next to me. I will be called after a few minutes and get my prescription. The man also comes out and talks to the nurse. I ran to escape and thought to myself: I’m probably faster on foot than he and sped away. I did not see the man again. It is no coincidence, however, that the man has the same doctor as I do, for The way to her is quite far from my place of residence.
Pursuit is not a persecution delusion when you can take photos and prove it.


© October, 17. 2016 Author: Mrs. Juliane Arnold. Stuttgart, Germany.

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