Election decision will be punished with up to 2 years imprisonment

Did you know that Angela Merkel has to be in jail for 2 years, when she declares on the evening of the election that she has elected CDU? Of course she was not arrested by anyone, because she did not say it, but she said that 33.333% of the votes came to the CDU. A very realistic number of 33.33% filled our screens, it is exactly 100% divided by 3. So exactly the number that comes out when someone says: The CDU we now give a third of all votes.

Later the number was screwed up and down a bit, so that it no longer looks so artificial. What a coincidence would be: 33.33%.


Today, a few weeks after the election, the pena”Spiegel” proclaims to us with the up-and-coming pointer we are so used to. You need to know that there is nothing worse than to show others or to say what a party with first and second voices you have chosen. This is up to 2 YEARS of imprisonment! For comparison, a rapist, who was recently reported as a not “presumptuous” rapist, because of racism, was recently convicted of rape and, despite his black skin and proven deed, was given only 1.5 years of imprisonment for a woman’s severe mental and physical injury. Whites are therefore basically called “wrongly accused” and therefore acquitted.

Back to the topic.

Like so many others, I thought about the election, it would have been possible to manipulate it.

  1. Who controls the letter-voting votes?

On election day, observers are reportedly sitting in the voting room. If the parties are smart, they send an observer to each election room so that the 1-2 persons present do not open the urn after the voters go out, and read the note and throw it away if necessary.

Unfortunately, it was only the right-radical AfD who decided to observe the election zone.

If you now heard the rumor, the letter-voting votes have been landed in the trash, then you can do almost nothing. They are somewhere in the town hall in the Federal Statistical Office and there is no control. Even though I have thought about searching the trash cans, it is like a criminal offense.

  1. Our anonymous choice is as anonymoballous as the ballot with your name and address, which you can submit together with your voice at the same time.So, after your departure from the voting room, you can immediately check who has voted, unless there is too much going on.

In any case, we have lost all our voice and co-determination for the German Bundestag for the next 4 years.

The idea of a control over photos from the election came to me too. However, it is absurd in the age of copypaste and Photoshop. Thus only a beautiful memory can be applied to instagram.

Influencing means influencing and politicians do not want that.

The choice may only affect them themselves.
Only Cem Ötzdemir can say: “I have chosen the Greens” without being punished. So the mirror tells us.

“Who makes his election decision public, however, also violates the electoral secrets in the individual federal states.” Http:// -a-1174229.html

Thus, hard punishments overcame something that we ordinary citizens consider as our basic right to free political expression . On the right to one’s own opinion and its promulgation, as is the case in § 5, which has now been completely ignored by politics.

“(1) Everyone has the right to freely express and disseminate his or her opinion in words, writing and images, and to inform himself without hindrance from generally accessible sources. The freedom of the press and the freedom of broadcasting by radio and film are guaranteed. A censorship does not take place.”



If politicians are so hard to break through, then this is no longer just the nanny state and the conditional patronization uplifted forefinger, which restricts our freedoms again and again to the absurdest.

It makes me doubt the validity of this choice. It makes me doubt whether it is only about unwanted voters who have been published. So, for example, electoral votes for the party, the LEFT, which in this Bundestag election were mostly attacked with undemocratic and dictatorial oppressive and censorship measures. I recall the censorship of the left-wing website: , just before the Bundestag election, by the Federal Minister of the Interior De Maiziere.

The demolition of democracy has been perfect for me when someone tells me like the mirror (“Spiegel”) that someone is going to jail for his election. This is the case here. The voices of the Powerful Parties will not be deleted on Facebook and Instagram and their photographers will also not go to jail. I would like to see that even a single photographed voice of the CDU has migrated into jail.

In addition, these high punishments of the population are now communicated in retrospect. Before this, a small administrative offense was issued when there was a choice: Photographing in the voting room prohibited. Nobody expects to be as imprisoned as a child molester: 2 years.

Posting Selfies is simply a fashion, an addiction that many do not get rid of when the smartphone has been stuck to the hand.

“Anyone who makes their filled ballot public can go to jail for it, says the Federal Election Act. For the violation of the election secrecy, a liberation withdrawal of up to two years threatens. “

Let me hold on:

A voiced vote is a political expression in words and images.

It is also an influence on other voters. This is what disrupts the politicians. Only they themselves want to influence the choice and opinion of voters.

Furthermore, it disturbs if the electorate was not for themselves. Then they come. With the police. And they put all the other voices in the jail, so that no one else has the idea to attack the supremacy of the CDU by Angela Merkel, by choosing or choosing something else and also to tell others.



© October, 24 2017 Author: Mrs. Juliane Arnold. Stuttgart, Germany.

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