Extortion: How it is when you give in

“They will torment them much more if you use them”
Is the saying of the blackmailer.

“If you do not do what I say, I’ll do this to you.Or I’ll torment the ones you love. “

They do it, or they do not.They do it when they want to do it and if they have power over someone, then you are confronted with this power being abused to hurt you and others.

I’ll say it quite specifically. My experiences with my oppressors were that whenever I give in, they have won, and whenever I do what they want and do as they say, they accept that and make the next demand. They will still exercise their power, and they will have won a partial victory, and they will only make the next demand.
So it happend to me from Agent K and its mind-control method and so it is with other people who blackmail you.Every step I give in is a win for them and a loss for me.They continue to exercise violence, over myself and others.If you give in, you are enslaved without your own will.From your mouth come words that you do not want to say because you are being blackmailed and you are doing things that you do not want to do.And you can not intervene if someone is in need.Then they can use your words against you and accept as consent.Sometimes it is so that if you give in it only harms and sometimes it does not change anything anyway.It is necessary to make specific decisions that are based on the situation that exists at the moment.It is not always the same.Children must always be protected.For myself, I have often thought, I can only sacrifice myself and not others, but a blackmail will often not help the other.It must be decided in the individual case.

So, many people are not free to do what they want or be open to tell what they think and ask their demands because they are afraid that people they love, would be hurted.
And so I ask my readers for attention, for the things that stand between the lines. Not only here, but also at others. For people who have power and who change their direction completely at one time or in people who publish the media and are suddenly quite handy for the powerful. Many of these people are extorted and not just bought.

© December 13, 2016 Author: Mrs. Juliane Arnold. Stuttgart, Germany.

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