Hierarchies among humans

Meta-analysis of discrimination systems and power systems.

Discrimination systems and power systems are mutually dependent and are interdependent to form hierarchies in social structures.

We could summarize the following bases for discrimination and power systems are detected.

This is the scientific theses analysis are applicable to various discrimination systems.

In principle, the equality of all people shall be inviolable. This is an ethical principle.

The reality is different and will now be examined in order to ease the suffering of the people who are discriminated.

The reality looks different and will now be examined in order to alleviate the suffering of the people, is an analysis and no statement and no applicable rules to follow, but a social criticism and analysis. It should help to recognize discrimination and to resolve and end the violence structures. It is not given by deities order, but a structure that was created by violence and oppression. It should help to reverse the discrimination structures by being understood and it does not solidify.
This note is necessary because these kinds of texts can be found in rule instructions for suppression and religious books, as a guide. I ask for caution. Sentences like this introduction are often deleted from the powerful. Please spread this text always with with this declaration.

1. The powerful.
Those in power are the ones with the higher standing hierarchical features.
2. The discriminated.
The discriminated are in this respect hierarchically lower distinguished characteristics such as gender, skin and haircolor, ethnicity, religion or wealth. (More features will be explained)
3. The hierarchies.
Companies form of hierarchies. They are implemented by the whole society. The people who are opposed, strongly attacked by the instruments of power and become discriminated themselves.
4. Features.
Features, where hierarchies are established.The features of the discriminated are considered inferior and are therefore lower in the hierarchy.

4.1.00 Positions of power. Political and economic power.
4.1.01 Social status.
4.1.02 Marriage status.
4.1.03 The appearance.
4.1.04 Age.
4.1.05 Skin color.
01.04.06 Hair color.
4.1.07 Eye color.
4.1.08 Ethnicity.
4.1.09 The gender and sexual orientation.
4.1.10 The Origin.
4.1.11 The funds are the material characteristics, status symbols.
4.1.12 The Religion.
4.1.13 Knowledge.
4.1.14 The formation.
4.1.15 The memories.
4.1.16 The acts.
4.1.17 Disability and disease.
4.1.18 Clothing.
4.1.19 Beauty for beauty ideals.
4.1.20 Eating habits or diet rules food intolerances.
4.1.21 The cultural and social characteristics.
4.1.22 Traditions.
4.1.23 The culture.
4.1.24 The Arts.
4.1.25 The Music.
4.1.26 The behavior.
4.1.27 The intelligence.
4.1.28 Views and worldviews.
4.1.29 Military power and posession of firearms and weapons.

4:01:01 The skin color. Hierarchies are defined by color.The darker the skin, the lower the hierarchical position of the discriminated in a society in which the majority has light skin and hair.

4:01:02 The hair color.The darker the hair color, the lower the hierarchical position in the society in which the majority has a bright hair color.Red hair are exotic cases that are very rare and are therefore often also discrimination features.

4:01:03 The female sex. The female sex is almost always placed under the male.This is hardly contestable.The Supporting and powerful contact necessary to power tools.There is also hierarchy within the female sex. Beauty and age and weight are further hierarchies within the female sex. Many male sex partners reduce the hierarchical status of women in general. All other applicable hierarchical features form hierarchies within the female sex.

4:01:04 The male sex.
For the male sex hierarchy, the look is less important.The female sex has not the same hierarchical characteristics as those who are the powerful within the male hierarchy and are therefore considered as standing below the male hierarchy. The other hierarchical characteristics apply within the male sex.The male sex is provided always hierarchically over the female.This is hardly contestable.The supporting and powerful use necessary the power tools. The male carries among themselves hierarchical struggles.
The hierarchy within the male sex is determined by these characteristics: Physical strength, financial power, weapons possession, status symbols and political power.Success with women and the number of sex partners. Many female sex partners increase the hierarchical status of men.

4:01:05 The sexual orientation. Homosexuality and Transgender discrimination is a feature and is ranked in the hierarchy under the heterosexual.Homosexual men are hierarchically higher than homosexual men and as heterosexual women.

4.2 Denial and recognition of hierarchies.

4.2.1 Denied hierarchies. The hierarchies are often completely denied, as they often contradict the constitution and internationally accepted principles such as the “human rights”.
However, the hierarchies are visible everywhere and are being implemented. In the case of emergency the mightful use power instruments.

4.2.2 Recognized hierarchies. If the hierarchies in society are particularly strong it is also openly talked about it and they can not be denied.They will then be cemented in regulations, laws, ideologies, traditions and religious systems.

4.3 Authorities.Authorities are powerful.They give themself infallibility.Their commands must be respected by the discriminated and are accepted as right.The setting up of the instruments of power must therefore be recognized by the discriminated as legal.This is enforced by the supporting.

5.The supporting.
The supporting of the powerful can even belong to the powerful, but it also includes those discriminated against them. The supporting respect the dominance of the powerful and defend them. They sympathize with those in power to have in power in part, or they are dependent on the powerful.
If there are powerful, so is the solidarity with peers who benefit from the same discrimination systems. The powerful are with each other in solidarity.
If there are discriminated themselves, they despise other discriminated, having the same characteristics as themselves.
The supporting acknowledge the hierarchies according to the features and consider it to be correct, even if they are discriminated themselves. They take the opinions of the powerful as their own.
Discriminated can be not in solidarity amongst each other.
Those who are among themselves solidary discriminated are not supporting ones.The whole system of discrimination can only be maintained through the supporting.

6. The power tools.

The power tools are used to secure the conservation of power for the powerful and to maintain their status.

6.01 Characteristics of the discriminated are called inferior.
The discriminated are not taught to adjust, because they can´t.However, they are criticized because they do not adapt, as they could be adapted.The discriminated have to recognize that the more powerful are higher-value beings in relation to all other hierarchically higher prestigious features.

6:02 Violence. The power of the mighty is continually demonstrated by violent acts that perform the powerful against the discriminated.

6:03 Gunpoint. Warlike attacks by weapons against discriminated.

6:04 The body. Violence against the body of the discriminated.

6:04:01 No self-determination over their own bodies.

6:04:02 Rules and regulations for the human body only for those who are discriminated, which are made by the powerful.

6:04:03 Intervention and intrusion into the body of the discriminated, and lower over the bodies of the discriminated. Power over the bodies of the discriminated.

6:04:04 Sexual Violence.

6:04:05 Torture.

6:04:06 Medical exercise of power by involuntary medical procedures or failure to render assistance.

6:04:07 Reproduction. Reproductive coercion:
Prevention regulations are designed to prevent the contraception, abortions and self-protection. Tolerated and allowed rapes.
The features of the powerful to be forcibly put through. Reproduction prevention: Eradication of discriminated with certain features through forced sterilization and mass murder.Restriction laws for the number of their children.The features of the discriminated to be eradicated by force.

6:04:08 Self-determined and not self-chosen partnership.Forced marriages.

6:04:09 devaluation physical characteristics that are considered hierarchically lower.

6:04:10 The body of the discriminated is provided the powerful and Supporting the amusement showcased.

6:04:11 Devaluation of the body of the discriminated is used as punishment.

6:04:12 The body of the discriminated is traded as property of the powerful.

6:04:13 The body of discriminated serves the other for sexual gratification or to act out violence.

6:04:14 Murder The discriminated are murdered because of their features.With or without reason does not matter.

6:04:15 The appearance of the discriminated.
Beauty.Beauty ideals are determined by those in power.They are very strongly influenced by the hierarchical characteristics, but not exclusively.Strongly discriminated may have a higher status in the beauty than others discriminated and so they rise in the hierarchy.Discriminated who are very beautyful become fast victims of exploitation of her body.

6:04:16 The body of the discriminated may be garbled. Genital mutilation.Body changes to display the status of discriminated as slave rings or tattoos or similar.

6:05 The financial means. The powerful have the money and can thus exercise power.The discriminated receive less financial and material resources.The discriminated have no money and can not defend themselves against the encroachments of the powerful.The Supporting serve the powerful with the money, because they are often financially dependent on the powerful.

6:06 Food. The discriminated becomes divided worse food and less food.

6:07 The Religion.Discrimination is often included in religious systems.This is the abuse of God’s.Religion reinforces the hierachy and domination of the powerful, by saying, it came from deities.The respect for the deities obtains the subordination and discrimination for thousands of years and solidified this.These hierarchy is strengthened by fear of otherworldly hell penalties for undesirable behaviors or reward systems for desirable behavior.

6:08 Rules. There are different rules for the discriminated as for the powerful.These are unspoken rules and regulations and official regulations in law.

6:09 Social deal. Ignorance and disregard.The discriminated are often treated as if they were absent.If they are perceived that power tools are used.

6:10 Boundaries. The boundaries of the discriminated of all kinds are constantly crossed by the powerful and the supporting.These are spatial territories.For example, houses and land, and borders or the body.There are applied military or violent means, and other power tools.

6:11 Local exclusion. Discriminated be reduced to certain areas in which they must live in certain societies.Ghettos and reserves.These areas are always equipped to cover up the exercise of power by a new name, because in the past, such measures have been outlawed.

6:12 Freedom of movement. To the discriminated certain means of transportation is denied.The discriminated avoid saying certain places, because they are confronted with the power instruments, such as the use of violence and harassment.

6:12:01 Forbidden and dangerous places. The discriminated avoid certain places by themselves, because they are confronted with the power instruments, such as the use of violence and harassment.

6:12:02 Arrest of discriminated in prisons, camps or for them specialized medical facilities, such as mental hospitals or facilities for the disabled, by the powerful.
This most often happens when the hatred on the discriminated is increasing or conflicts over distribution within a society are increasing.
Even politically unpopular opinions that are against the opinions of the powerful are punished like that.

6:13 Social exclusion. Nobody speaks to the discriminated or social intercourse is denied.They are ignored.Their arguments, views and opinions are ignored, called wrong or ridiculed.

6:14 Political power and participation. To the discriminated is the sharing of political power denied.Their sozial rise is inhibited.

6:15 Judiciary. The judiciary judges by the hierarchical features of the discriminated and vindicates the powerful gives the blame to the discriminated.

6:16 The burden of proof lies at the discriminated.What they can not prove is deemed as untrue.All the discriminated tell is basically questioned.The evidence of the discriminated are also questioned and it is said, it is done by themselves and treated as fraud.

6:17 Work. Economic power and participation.

6.17.1 The discriminated get another job.

6.17.2 The work of the discriminated is classified as inferior.

6.17.3 The discriminated get less money for equal work.The discriminated are paid less for the same job than the powerful.

6.17.4 The discriminated are used for lower works that the powerful don´t like to do.

6.17.5 The discriminated are the servants of the powerful.

6.17.6 The discriminated are forced to take any kind of job.

6.17.7 The discriminated are subjected to forced labor.

6.17.8 The discriminated are the first to lose their jobs and the last to get a new job.

6.17.9 The shops of the discriminated are under boycott.People don´t buy there anything.

6.18 Family. The discriminated have a lower status in the family.They have fewer rights and often receive less inheritance.They will receive less financial and material donation.They have to serve the other family members more than the powerful.More family work depends on the discriminated.Powerful family members have guardianship or legal power over the discriminated.

6.19 Property. Expropriation, theft, robbery, lower rations of finances are committed by the powerful to the discriminated.The discriminated get no help from the powerful and the supporting.

6.20 Clothing. For the discriminated other rules for clothing, as for the powerful are applied.This happens more often for gender discrimination, as for the other hierarchical features.

6.21 Time. The time of the discriminated is claimed by those in power, so they can not alter the balance of power.They have no time to think or to organize.

6.22 Psychological violence.

6.20.01 Emotional Violence

6.20.02 Neglect

6.23 Harassment. The discriminated are harassed and insulted by the powerful and the supporting.These are sexual harassment, stalking, or hate speech.The powerful and the supporting prevent the discriminated apply legal action against this action.

6.24 Devaluation. The features of the discriminated are treated as hierarchically low standing. This affects the whole existence of the discriminated. All their concerns are also treated as unimportant and low.
The needs and problems of discriminated deemed unimportant and irrelevant.They are mocked and ridiculed.

6.25 Contempt. The features of the discriminated have placed in contempt.This affects the entire person of the discriminated and on their actions, works and views, etc.

6:26 Denial.

6.26.1 The discrimination is denied.

6.26.2 The crimes committed against the victims of discrimination, their wounds and demonstrable injury are completely denied and called untrue.

6.27 Guilt.

6.27.1 The blame for the problems of the discriminated is always given to the discriminated themselves. Ideologies, rules and religious and esoteric systems are created to justify this.

6.27.2 The discriminated are always to blame. The blame is assigned via the hierarchy.Here facts, witnesses and evidence are irrelevant.This is basically denied.Instead, the hair-raising arguments against the discriminated are applied.Supporting and mightful employ the instruments of power to do this job.

6.27.3 The discriminated are scapegoats for the crimes of the powerful.These are appended to the discriminated.

6.28 Shame.Problems of discriminated be treated that discriminated are ashamed of their problems and the blame is given themselves.Thus, the discriminated, don´t talk about the problems and they are better covered up.

6:29 Trivialization. The crimes committed against the discriminated, their wounds and demonstrable injury are trivialized and belittled or called exaggerated and invented.

6:30 Making ridiculous and derision. Features of the discriminated are derided as unworthy, ridiculous, inferior and weak.Arguments and opinions, as well as problems of the discriminated are treated the same.The suffering of the discriminated is mocked.

6:31 Information.Control of information.The information is spread by the powerful.Reply does not exist.The side of the discriminated is not shown, but rather the side of the powerful.The information is disguised as neutral.Other methods of information control are religious and ideological systems, tradition and prevention of education and political and social power.

6:32 Propaganda and humiliation.Misrepresentations of the discriminated in the media is on the agenda.

6.32.1 Discriminated represented in degrading manner in the media, for example by nudity or in bad situations, with grimaces or in embarrassing situations.

6:33 Prejudices about the discriminated are formented.

6:34 Stereotypes, caricatures of the discriminated are disseminated.

6:35 Manipulation of opinion. Control of the media and the social consensus.Litigation PR.Mind control and psychological tricks.Reporting in the interests of the powerful.Mind-Control for society.All that will masquerade as “neutral”.

6:36 Renaming.Things that the society has recognized as a fault or crime and were therefore banned in the past, get a new name and can be repeated.For example, the construction of concentration camps, slavery, prostitution, forced labor, ghettoization.

6:37 Arguments and reasons. There are always mentioned important reasons and values listed that are to justify the actions of the powerful against the discriminated and described as absolutely necessary and without alternative.Thus, all are made to obtain the discrimination upright.

6:38 Interpretive primacy have and right are always the powerful.Other Powerful and supporting agree to them.This can go up to the miscalculation of mathematical tasks that could be refuted with each calculator.It is the solution of the powerful and thereafter it will be treated as right.This results in errors and enormous damages.

6:39 Values.The discrimination and its mechanisms are recognized as generally applicable values.The powerful and the supporting will prevail these with the aid of power tools.

6:40 Preference. The powerful are always preferred.They get the front seats, the better position and will be the first if there is a waiting list.The opposite applies to the discriminated.

6:41 Importance. The contributions of the powerful deemed important tasks and contributions of the discriminated as unimportant.For example: to raise children.

6:42 Self-esteem and self-confidence, self-value. The powerful are selv-assured and self-confidenced.They will be supportet of other powerful as if they are right.The discriminated are attacked in their self-esteem and self-confidence and self-worth.They are insecure and are destroyed their faith in themselves.This is confirmed by the supporting.

6:43 Hearing and discrediting.

6.43.1 The discriminated are not heard. They are drowned out by the powerful.The supporting promote this through their behavior.They ignore the words of the discriminated.

6.43.2 Opinions of the discriminated are always referred as wrong. They will always be opposed.The powerful teaching the discriminated, that their opinion is the right one and the discriminated, they have to learn it.Otherwise, the power tools are used.The supporting help.

6.43.3 The words of the discriminated are interrupted or not heard. The contents of their records are twisted or denied.It is said to the discriminated that all their words are wrong and the powerful give them their version and also force this with all their power tools.The supporting help.

6:05 Knowing the discriminated is called false.The powerful teaching the discriminated, that knowledge of the mighty is right and the discriminated, they have to learn.If the discriminated can prove their own knowledge, it does not matter and is simply ignored or dismissed as unqualified or unprovable.Here actualities, evidence, facts, witnesses and documents play no role at all.The powervul has the say and his knowledge is that which is accepted.This is that which all adapt who accept the powerful as superior or as equivalent.

6.05.1 The discriminated get less access to education.This reinforces the hierarchy of power.

6.05.2 The intelligence of the discriminated is judget according to the features of their hierarchical status and not judged according to the features of intelligence.

6.05.3 The performance of discriminated is judget according to the features of their hierarchical status and not according to the features of quality.

6.05.4 Abilities and profiency of the discriminated are judget according to the features of their hierarchical status and not according to the features of skills and ability.Otherwise, it is claimed, their works have been the works of the powerful.

6.05.5 Intellectual Property and Works of the discriminated. Successful and brilliant works, patents, inventions, achievements, knowledge and art of discriminated referred to the powerful as their own successful and ingenious works, inventions, patents, achievements, knowledge and art. They established a requirement that all other acknowledge this and cover up the truth about these things.
If the authorship of a work from the discriminated can not be covered up, the works of the discriminated are classified as unvaluable and were destroyed, ridiculed or suppressed.They are presented as bad works.It does not matter what quality the works have, they will be judged according to the hierarchy of the features of the discriminated.The creator of the work is set equal to the work.

6.06 Penalties.The discriminated are punished by the powerful and the supporting when they defie the power mechanisms.For the discriminated are other penalties as for the powerful applied.

6.07 The memories of the discriminated are called false.The powerful tell the discriminated what really happened.The discriminated must learn to adapt their memories and so to remember, as desired by the powerful.This is a method of mind control.When the discriminated do not participate in the version of the powerful, they are forcibly compelled to do so.

6:08 The acts of the discriminated are called false. The discriminated must act as the powerful want. They are cautioned that they live their lives wrong and always do the wrong things. This is also the reason why the discriminated are in a worse position and they are rated lower in the hierarchy.
The more powerful and their supporters, who recognize that the powerful have the final say will help them to force the discriminated to stop their actions and change them.There are applied violence and power tools.

  1. Influences. Features of the hierarchy can affect each other.This one feature can compensate another and make it ineffective.Some features are so strongly discriminated, that they can no longer be compensated.Depending on the environment and society, and the features of the majority or the powerful.

Final thoughts 1 – general:

  • The hierarchical system can be controlled, if the discriminated show solidarity and not to be supportive.The powerful will try with all power tools and full force to prevent the discriminated noticing.It will certainly require quite any means.The supporting need a lot of power and will be punished if they want to show solidarity with the other discriminated.
  • Thoughts of this kind have been banned by the powerful. They will deny the truth of this statement or on the other hand try to secure the copyright to it. Copyright has Juliane Arnold. Female. Dark hair. Not yet clarified ethnicity. Little financial resources.
  • The discriminated are asked to neglect from this nonsense and to turn to meaningful activities.These thoughts are not read, seen or heard, because they come from the discriminated.Those who respect the powerful will discourage the discriminated to deal with these thoughts. In the case of emergency with application of the power tools.

Final thoughts 2 – personal:

  • I realize my problems are multi-causal and can not be set to a single feature discriminated at me, but several.I was able to participate in education is the reason why I was able to write this text.This could lead to the cancellation of the balance of power, which is why the instruments of power why they will often use power instruments with unconditional hardness.


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Author Juliane Arnold. Stuttgart. Germany.

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