How Angela Merkel eliminates her political opponents


At the moment that someone comes into the vicious circle of power around Angela Merkel and grows up to a serious competition, there is a great danger for him or her to be shot down by Mrs. Merkel. She is very skilled. If you want to destroy someone, you must first kill his reputation, destroy the respect for the person, and erase his goals. In the meantime, political opponents of church state policy are being attacked throughout Germany. Anyone who does not share the views of the Church and the CDU and Angela Merkel will be defamed, deceived, slandered and misrepresented about him or her. So it happened to me, so it happens to more famous people.

One of the most important instruments of power of this kind of politics is to invalidate the professional and academic degrees of the individuals, to discredit them as counterfeit or to defame them as frauds. Or they are, as with me, simply not taken into account anyway, as the state of Baden-Württemberg does with me as a special school teacher. I suspect church policy behind it, but the country is clearly governed by the Greens (party). However, the manuscript of attacking someone over a job ban is the signature of Angela Merkel!

From this experience I learn how untrue the assertions can be with which anyone can be prevented from working. It is pure invention, lying, slandered, bullied and intrigued. Then the government just decides that you are not allowed to work anymore.

They simply forbid the application and the attitude. So the professional life of a person is destroyed. Because it is a pattern, it is recognizable. It is the fight against the opponents and opponents Angela Merkel.

This is also the case with ministers and politicians. For politicians, doctoral dissertations are now standard on citations that are normal in every academic paper and then invalidated. It is no longer necessary that the statements of these investigations must be true. The doctoral thesis of Minister Giffey is currently under discussion. A famous example is our former Minister of Defense Karl Theodor zu Guttenberg was completely bumped out of politics about this method and may no longer work in his study profession as a lawyer. Mr. zu Guttenberg was professionally and politically destroyed.

The ministers Schavan (former Minister of Education CDU) and the German politician Mrs. Koch-Mehrin (FDP) have already caught it. In the meantime, I wonder how tough the allegations really are with regard to your degrees, based on the experience of how the political opponents in this state are baselessly defamed.

Mrs. Koch Mehrin was recognized the doctorate from. The professional and political destruction of political competition from the FDP.

Overall, no one can defend against this power of slander. The evaluation of doctoral theses, dissertations or official assessments are made so subjective by the examiners that they can bring about the desired result of destroying the career of a particular person according to taste and political will. Citation is not only normal in every scientific work, it is also demanded and it is obligatory. Do not forget quotes and references. This is the accusation against the politicians and other political opponents. They would have quoted without properly labeling it. It does not matter if this is true or false, it is believed what the press and the government proclaim. The professional and political career of the respective opponents and opponents Angela Merkels is over!

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