How important is the security of the Federal Republic of Germany really for our lives?

… .. Where there is soccer.

… What the press hides from us …

Soccer Leaks or WikiLeaks?

Where there are really more important things. Things like soccer and everything that has to do with it, fills an important online newspaper and also its weekly newspaper. After all, it is a political specialiced magazine, that reported about the important political matters in Germany. Once. In the meantime, it becomes clear that the really important thing in Germany is and remains the soccer and therefore the daily discussion is determined.

The German press does not hide the importance of soccer. It is similar to the TV news. For our GEZ charges, 2 minutes of messages are sent, in which the Federal Government gives us the themes to talk about. While Aleppo is bombed and people die and starve, we talk about Burka ban and Hijabstyle on TV. The fact that Aleppo was taken by Assad in the meantime has not been reported to us. Anyone who reads from time to time a foreign press and understands French TV broadcasts gets a lot more of the day’s events on the planet Earth. The fact that there are massive popular uprisings in Cameroon is only known to us by Cameroonians who are currently staying with us in Germany. (Or on / (german))

The Federal Government and the NSA Investigation Committee are not worthy of our press. I even understand it. We do not need to draw the attention of the secret services around the world to the fact that the NSA Investigation Committee  is currently looking with its pants down at WikiLeaks for everyone. Or how the Federal Republic of Germany is armed against potential terrorists. The secret protocols of the Examination Committee are available online in German language. Although it feels as if the reading of the documents is likely to be punishable, it is clear that the German press is not officially reporting uncensored, but is clearly manipulated to conceal the whole thing.

Unless soccer is really more important than the internal and external security of the Federal Republic of Germany.
It seems to have completely ignored by our press that WikiLeaks reveals how the BND, the constitutional protection and the NSA work together and it seems to be only marginally interested in how WikiLeaks actually came to these explosive documents. A small border message states: A mole is being sought.
The importance of the word SOCCER in Germany can not therefore be estimated highly enough.

“Give the people bread and games” (Emperor Nero, meaningfully quoted)

Will not the German electorate be betrayed and deceived by manipulative reporting that she and he  should be declared for STUPID?

“Look little ones go playing with your ball and leave politics to the big and do not ask so much! We then continue filming you secretly. ” (Meaning the German press)

The citizens of Germany are placed under disability and sold as silly as long as they are not aware of this: Is a ball game really so much more important than politics?

We should not know that we are massively spied on by our intelligence services, and this is contrary to our laws. It is shown that the secret services are going to us together with the US and break our laws.
Nothing stirs the minds of german men more than soccer, if they are manipulated so that all their thoughts are to deal with this topic. They will talk their heads heated for days on the topic and forget their own security and politics. The women, on the other hand, are somewhat more immune, but they are still classified as “unimportant” … .. Mistake!

The spy scandal that Edward Snowden has revealed goes to the next round. The Federal Government owes us an answer to the extent to which the constitution is circumvented by the secret services. For the unrighteousness of the German people.

“While the first findings on the intelligence cooperation could already be revealed by the work of the committee (see also the WikiLeaks releases of transcripts from the previous year), the newly released primary sources offer a further basis for the analysis and journalistic review of the scandal. “(WikiLeaks (retranslated from german-version)) … .. If there is ever a journalistic review.

According to WikiLeaks it has become apparent that the intelligence services of the FRG and the USA cooperate closely with each other. Involved are also private US companies. It is clear that the BND has been trained in the XKeyscore surveillance programs by the US, while the Federal Government still assured us that an inhospitable mass surveillance for our intelligence services was taboo and prohibited, due to the basic law and data protection. It could be shown that the German laws are bypassed by our secret services by working together with the intelligence services of the USA and the NSA and having the same spy software, which is forbidden with us.” About US bases in Germany and with the help of the BND, both German citizens and European institutions could be monitored.” (WikiLeaks (retranslated from german-version))

“WikiLeaks has helped to make the need for a parliamentary investigation clear through the release of documents that document a clamor attack on Chancellor Angela Merkel and other high-ranking officials, EU officials and France.” (WikiLeaks (retranslated from german-version))

© December,05.  2016 Author: Mrs. Juliane Arnold. Stuttgart, Germany.

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