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The pictures of Pablo Picasso hung in my parents’ home all my life.I admired the “girl with the dog”, a drawing so much that I wanted to be able to draw like this Picasso.In the meantime, I have found mistakesmade in this picture and draw my girl better. The dog is perfect.

Inspired by Käthe Kollwitz: Thinking, Juliane Arnold


The flutter of the dove became the symbol of peace movement and the abstraction of demoiselles and cubism shows the things from several sides at the same time.


Absolutely fascinating impressions, which always flow into my own art.A few years ago I stood in an art exhibition in the paintings of the baroque painter Rembrandt van Rijn and Rubens hung.It was a spiritual experience for me as the door opened and I stood in a room with a huge, Rembrandt painting in each wall.The depth of these images can not be reproduced on any art print.Her intense color, and the luster of the figures, which arose from the darkness, caused a heart-rushing with me, as in an infatuation.I have always fell in love immortal in art.It was the same with the great art exhibition of the Impressionist Paul Cézanne, who was in Tübingen years ago.The faded art prints from postcards and books can only be described as an indication of the intensity of the ink from an original oil painting.How the structure of an image is designed is seen only on an original.The color and the brush stroke belong to the art.It is a tangible and sensual experience, although touching in the art exhibition is strictly prohibited and immediately an alarm is triggered when my nose comes too close to the paintings.”Oil on canvas” stands on each of these impressive paintings.Or “oil on wood” the color intensity of an oil color is not to be surpassed by any acrylic paint.And so I took oil paints and canvas, even though this technique of painting has come out of fashion so today, the impression created by this technique is as impressive as in the paintings of Van Gogh, Gaugin, Monet, Gabriele Münter And Franz Marc.


The plasticity of the expressionism of a Paula Modersohn Becker has also been an inspiration for my painting, which I took over for myself.
I began to paint, with the aim of painting great pictures, such as those in which I have fallen in love with and which one could only really see in the original. Only in the original does the heart begin to race, at the sight of so perfectly beautiful art, the perfect brush stroke and a light that seems to move the space into a different dimension.

Drawing was part of my studies. I drew every day at the Freie Kunstschule Stuttgart record, then every Wednesday evening 3 hours at the Teacher Training College for my art studies. When my Kunstexamen was done I drove from Reutlingen to Ludwigsburg and continued to study every Wednesday evening three hours of act drawing and then still in Tübingen at the university’s signatory . I secretly sneaked into the academy of art and took part in the act drawing course on Friday afternoon, but there were three regular art students who used the study place.The professor looked away smiling.Then I had studied nudes for about ten years, and all the great illustrators, such as Egon Schiele, Vincent van Gogh, Leonardo Da Vinci, and Joseph Beuys, i have studied, and their styles flowed into my art.


I have not even noticed how much the Stuttgart art museum with its Otto Dix pictures inspired me to paint sometimes less pleasing figures, distorted and ugly, which represent social-critical cartoons and scenes. This is now part of my photography projects, by photographing the “city” of Stuttgart, which is only a more modern version of the social-critical image of Otto Dix. The rich still dance to jazzmusik impoverished dark-skinned musicians, while the disabled and the poor begging on the street and many women are forced to prostitute themselves. All this also characterizes the cityscape of modern Stuttgart.

It is only today that I dare to paint Renaissance techniques from Leonardo da Vinci, without plagiarism.Only to achieve the mastery of technology, coloring and perspective and develop is a new challenge.


Vitruv-Madonna-Vitruvianische Frau
Vitruv-Madonna-Vitruvianische Frau

My love for art applies to every epoch, and every one brings forth their masters.

There is no outdated art, only different art.Good art and bad art is the only thing that distinguishes the different works.A masterpiece is not a middle class art.But I want to create masterpieces and only that. It is no longer a challenge for me to smear color abstractly on the canvas and to create the same image in different shades of color, it simply bores me and is not worth to clean the studio afterwards.2-10 of such images for a lifetime is enough. This certainly does not satisfy my expectations of the highest quality in painting.


My selection, therefore, took place according to the feeling, the feeling of spontaneous love in a work of art and this was always my inspiration.Painting, therefore, has remained, for only painting can make a dream visible, and has never been a reflection of any reality, the image of the dream, not only in the surrealism of Salvador Dalí, which the artist has dreamed of and as the soul can find its rest and its mirror.Even if sometimes nightmare distortions occur.Some say the artist always paints herself. A picture always shows something of the state of the soul of the painting person.


My great love for art never went away, and the urge I feel to paint is the urge to create one of these masterpieces that should have the perfection of these famous pictures. I still painted a picture and one more thing to bring all these impressions into my art. Some have reached their goal. My sharpest critic was always myself and I am rarely quite satisfied. And again, there is the next step to achieve perfection. And the next great painting is created.

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© August 17, 2017 Author: Mrs. Juliane Arnold. Stuttgart, Germany.

Art website: Juliane-Arnold-Kunst.de

The last major solo exhibition took place at the Gotec Café in Karlsruhe .Unfortunately, there are no more art exhibitions.So I’m looking for a new gallery.


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