No rights for the woman

Small summary statement.

Having no money does mean having no power.Also not for lawyers and rights.No money for women is a secret target of large discriminatory groups such as churches and conservative parties.

The great “family picture” of these people means: unemployed woman, depending on the work of the man who gets babies when the man wants it and she has noco-determination about it.The financial dependency, as we know it from our housewivemothers, led to violence in marriage and raped children and other psychological and financial abuse against which these women were powerless.They had no survival chances without a man.The man was even allowed to terminate the work by law.There can be no question of equality in Germany, it is a country of discrimination, in which the woman has the status of a half-slave.






… the employment of expectant mothers with

  1. Accordwork or other works, at which could be earned more money through higher workspeed could be earned a higher charge
  2. Assembly line work with dictated working-speed

is forbiden.


Working in the household, which is not paid, but is highly stressful, the state does not care, it is about forced dependence on the man and about the forced poverty of the woman.

Important for the oppressor: The woman must not have money.No matter how.

I have the right to indicate a sexual offense, but the indication is punishable.This in the case that I can not prove that I am right.

A children’s rape is statute barred if I have acquired the psychological competences for an indication, being old and independent enough and solved by the parent’s home to be aware of all violence and discrimination.

The rapist is protected by all power instruments of the state, using all the tricks, which at first sight are not transparent.

The unemployment of women is politically desired.The compulsion of the woman is forced by indirect pressure.Statutory discrimination prevents a decent place, merit or education on the one hand, and a back door, and powerful men who simply simply reject anything that women want to do.The employee from the jobcenter forces me to accept a job, while forbids me further education, knowing that at some point I will go out to the companies where I have to apply in vain, who basically do not want to hire and / or allow women.

Then I get pushed up the “ALG II just too lazy to work” hate culture and a sanction that puts me in the beggars status or simply the ruleamount-beggars status, and I can think about how I survive, if the only merit possibility does not exist.Constantly come then the beneficial men and say you can go eating with me and then go to bed, will have something in the stomach.

The legalization of prostitution was the indirect legalization of compulsory prostitution, since rape is a de facto fraudulent crime.This has been demonstrated in other texts of this page.They are allowed to kidnap me for the rich men of Stuttgart, somewhere to be chained and raped for money.The MK ULTRA program of the local CIA has provided for forgetting drugs, in which the experience, but not the circumstances, have been burnt into my memory.And the pain remains.(Also in the USA, there are such programs for forced prostitution via MK ULTRA


So I am sex slave of the wealthy men of Stuttgart’s, without the right to display, since I can never prove anything.And I can imagine that the “spiderharlot” (name changed) sold my rapes and pictures profitably for themselves and the VAT State Fund.As the case of Gina Lisa Lohfink shows, the display of something for me is the offense and I pay the rapists a high sum of pain money if I have a problem with it.The state is the pimp that has enslaved me and deprived me of a thousand and one ways and laws and justice crimes.

They indirectly force me into bed with men.Just because I do not want to know about the many sexual violence, the snare seems to tighten around my neck.You can not work and you can earn money only through sex is brought about by all these systems.Every system contributes to this.

This is the only survival opportunity offered to me: sex.No matter how.

The German pimp state makes it possible.

Protecting the sperm with Y chromosome is more important to the church than my right to my own body.In the case of a cell division, this Y chromosome is placed above my female body and my adulthood, and henceforth determines that I am no longer allowed to move as a pregnant woman, can no longer receive any money without the consent of the father who wants the power of disposition over my body.

PS: I’m not pregnant.

I have the human right to work, but not if I am a woman.Then there is the ban on maternity leave.I can be a good designer, just as good or better as a man, the design and multimedia companies are small and do not have the money, so make a financing in a possible pregnancy, therefore, they basically do not introduce women or just so that they are terminable at any time.

The work of the woman is forbidden by the man.It’s about power.The point is that the pregnant woman does not get money.This is also so explicit in the law:

The wording: “… .in which a higher fee can be obtained.”

The Discrimination Unemployment Act has now also been extended to female and female students, because there are male lobbies in Germany who try to prevent women from the MONEY OF MONEY with all the tricks.

© September 09, 2017 Author: Mrs. Juliane Arnold. Stuttgart, Germany.

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