My Open Air Prison

Borders of Germany: Controlled. Escape route complicated. Lockdown area Corona hotspot- Ghetto- Stuttgart- outer radius: 15 km. A ghetto is built if genocide is to take place in the population group living in it. It used to be like that. 15 km beyond that, I am not allowed to drive, unless for work. It is best to never exceed the speed so that the police don’t ask where you were and for what reason.

The police have to ask that all the time. They come by about every 3 hours to ask me something. There is a guard in front of my door and they keep ringing the bell to “ask me something”. The neighbors saw me leave the house again. This is suspicious. I am a “bad bad woman” because I quit the church and you know exactly that I “don’t let the men in” and that I don’t go to church on Sunday and that I have strange curtains and you have one seeing the “Star of Jews” on me and you have to call the police immediately if you hear any form of expression of opinion or voices from my apartment and they just break the door open and then you can see what is “strange”, what throws these “negative energy waves and energy balls” at the neighbor and that’s why the police try to break open the door to find the “bad bad” inside. It’s not from the “CHURCH”-Screech.

So there is a police-guard standing in front of my door and they “will educate you in a cautious way” and then she “becomes pregnant” and then she is “put in the nuthouse” because otherwise „how can we otherwise force her to become pregnant?“ I am just a problem! For the neighbors and the city of Stuttgart. I am reporting because I am not married and trying to be incapacitated through the health department and a medical officer because I am actually not allowed to walk around without a “male guardian”. With us, the AfD-Party is in secret power and has planned the women’s rights of Salafism for the “CHRSITIANITY”. The CHURCH – SCREAM – is probably the Catholic one.

“Maybe you can educate her with the police” – Heike H and Christa G have nothing else to talk about all day. I’ll be let out of the nuthouse again after a year. They planned me unemployed for 3 years before and by then I will already be in menopause. Now that my foot is healthy again, I have to be asked about medical treatment and medication at my „open-air-prison“ apartment door.

“How can we get this flow of money away now? You have run out of money, run out of money, run out of money, money is only for men. How can we her get rid of the money energy now„ (neighbours) 

Topic with neighbors and the police: “Treat you as degrading as possible” and “Maybe you can drive her to suicide like that” threats of torture from the residential apartment.

I’m the only one supposed to be insane.

Just one more thing. The police see me as a serious threat to „Merkel fascism“ and have me conspicuously shadowed while shopping in the city.

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