Newsticker: Antiracist-Chevy and MK-ULTRA

– There were some threat and hate commentaries who told me to inform the (?), just the anti-discrimination office for oppressed blondes, because of my

antiracist baiting, that I always operate here.

– My smartphone number has been rendered unusable, for some reason. This is just a coincidence.

– I have lost my posttraumatic amnesia, and now I know who has tortured me here in Stuttgart under MK-ULTRA.The police confiscated his hard disks and took the video for a long time.Of this, however, I was not informed and no one investigates therefore.

– The article about the Third Power is in work, do not worry.

PS: I’m going to be a comic artist.

Have a nice day



© Oktober 08, 2016 author Juliane Arnold. Stuttgart, Germany.

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