OdeSSA- the “Third Might” and the return of the Nazis

The word OdeSSA means organization of former SS members.
The Odessa helped to dive under after WW2 the former SS members. In the article

“Odessa and Paperclip – how as Nazi criminals were adopted  in the US intelligence.” (will be translated soon)

I have already mentioned that the US intelligence was also involved. 
The organization Odessa and the third might are likely in contact. In any case, the same people are communicated with each other and with the CIA. The SS robbed and plundered in WW2 the Jews of their conquered territories and also stole the wealth of the occupied countries. They managed out of the country and it was the task of Odessa to bring these plunder goods returned to Germany after some time.
Agent T .: “What do you think, why Germany has again become rich so quickly after World War 2? The Odessa has brought the whole looted out of sight and later brought back to Germany.”

It can be assumed that many of the former SS members have performed a safe and comfortable life in Germany. Many old Nazis remained in their old positions, such as judges offices or officials, police officers, teachers, doctors and psychiatrists in hospitals. These were people to whomto whom could not be proven that they were involved in Nazi crimes and still had much to say in Germany. Fortunately, this generation is now in a nursing home or died. But it is so that they have recruited followers. Their successors are younger and they can only be their sons and a few daughters. (They are so much sexistic, that there are only few women) The third might has been working in the background to overthrow the democratic government in Germany and it is only to be hoped that the constitutional protection (intelligence “Verfassungsschutz”) is doing anything about it. Unfortunately, it is also known that there are many political “right-winged” (nearly Nazi) within the State Protection and this has undercover agents in the NPD (political party). The number of undercover agents is so enormous that satirists say, the NPD would not exist without the intelligence “protection of the constitution”. The NPD is the successor party to the NSDAP which was Hitler’s party in the Third Reich. The proximity of the NPD for newly founded and currently once again much voted AFD party is now no longer denied. In the federal state “Mecklenburg-Vorpommern” they were thinking openly about a coalition of the two parties.The parties have too many similarities in their programs. Therefore it is not a malicious slander to describe the AFD as a Nazi Party.

Disambiguation: SS.
“On June 30, 1934, the SS liquidated in the Rohm murder the leadership of the SA. In the following months, it was raised to an independent organization of the NSDAP, the control of the police organization gained in the era of National Socialism and the establishment of the weapon-SS took over a military function alongside the Wehrmacht. Characteristic of the SS was the interaction of state functions and institutions with party structures. In the era of National Socialism, the SS was the most important terror and oppression organ in the German Third Reich. The SS was instrumental in the planning and execution of war crimes and crimes against humanity like the Holocaust and was banned after 1945 as a criminal organization.”( translated from german wikipedia)

The SS writes in old Germanic Runic characters that look like two flashes. Rune Magic is the esoteric component behind the occultism of the Third Reich. A movement, which included many top Nazis. It is important to know that Nazis are not Christians, but occultists with their own mystical doctrine.
The official designation SS is short for protection relay. A secret message in the runes, however, lies in the word black sun. The Black Sun is the esoteric blackmagic satanic organization that is probably behind the satanic torture and murders of children and women in the Wewelsburg. This has not be taken or pursued seriously by our judiciary. The Wewelsburg has been a cult place of the SS since 3rd Reich. ( german article: SS- Satanism and child murder on Wewelsburg. Http://artemisnews.de/ss-satanismus-und-kindermorde-auf-der-wewelsburg/ (will be translated soon))
The victim witnesses report on methods of split personality that have been applied to them. The Satanic Orders of Germany are using methods that are known as mind control. Here children are so traumatized that they split off parts of the memories and the personality can be manipulated. The witness can only tell many years later over their ordeals.
So there are clear links between the SS and Odessa and the Satanic Orders in Germany today, and they use practicees of the mind control that have been developed with the CIA. For me it is hardly recognizable that there are not always the same people who are involved in all these organizations. However, they work throughout Germany. The third might is dangerous for democracy in the highest degree, because they want to build the Third Reich (third empire) again called then  the fourth reich (fourth empire). The Odessa seems to be involved in black magic ritual practices of the worst kind. The Justice behaves silently and is looking away.

The return of the Nazis, what is visible:
Currently by the AFD party targeted terms of the Nazis are made distinguished. It refers to the word  “völkisch” (“german ethnic”). They also want to change the teaching of history in our schools, concerning the Nazi period so that these “12 years” will be provided with more “glory”. It is to be reinterpreted and glorified. The return of the currently ubiquitous Dirndl-grab is not only a sign of festival Mode and delimit the headscarf fashion of our muslim fellow citizens, it is also an ancient symbol of politically right-winged (direction Nazi) intention. A world view of the 1950s years is also part of the “Third Might”. Hitler shaped his very own image of women. The woman in Dirndl gives birth 5-100 children and stays at home and hearth back without rights. The men go to war. The program of the AFD is a similar, concerning women. Let us hope that it is not the same for the men as well. The AFD is openly racist, anti-semitic and xenophobic and it is facing a new wave of discrimination, they should acquire too much power in the state legislatures and in the parliament “Bundestag”.

Coming Soon: The plans of the “Third Might”.

© September 19, 2016 author Juliane Arnold. Stuttgart, Germany.

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