Catalan President Puigdemont in German Prison

Democracy is when the people vote,

even if other politicians are against it.As with the people of Catalonia, which voted against the opinion of the Spanish government.It has decided to emancipate itself, make it independent and manage itself.It has also elected a president.The Spanish government has done its utmost to prevent excesses of violence during the referendum in Catalonia last year.The police put themselves in the way of the voting, voting peoplethat it could not reach the polling booths without forcibly gaining access. Read more “Catalan President Puigdemont in German Prison”

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The female Da Vinci


Caution: Art discussion
It has become customary in modern german language that men are no longer spoken exclusively, even if women have a function or a profession.
So, for example, male doctor and a female doctor, female chancellor, male president and female president. Male artist and female artist, male feminist and female feminist, male hacker and female hacker, male merchant and female merchant, male author and female author, husband and wife. I know in english it is the same word. Read more “The female Da Vinci”

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Juliane Arnold: inspiration för min konst

no5-Juliane-ArnoldKöp original: Spring kvinna, olja på duk. Juliane Arnold 2015
Aktuell Art Auktion:

Bilderna av Pablo Picasso hängde mitt liv i mina föräldrars hus. Jag beundrade “Flicka med hund”, en teckning så mycket att jag ville dra så här Picasso. Samtidigt har jag lång fel finns i denna bild och min tjej dra bättre. Hunden är perfekt. Read more “Juliane Arnold: inspiration för min konst”

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Juliane Arnold: Inspirations for my art

The depth of these images can not be reproduced on any art print. Her intense color, and the luster of the figures, which arose from the darkness, caused a heart-rushing with me, as in an infatuation. I have always fell in love immortal in art. It was the same with the great art exhibition of the Impressionist Paul Cézanne, who was in Tübingen years ago. The faded art prints from postcards and books can only be described as an indication of the intensity of the ink from an original oil painting.

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no5-Juliane-ArnoldCurrent art auction: Buy Original: Federfrau, Öl auf Leinwand. Juliane Arnold 2015

Text as PDF

The pictures of Pablo Picasso hung in my parents’ home all my life.I admired the “girl with the dog”, a drawing so much that I wanted to be able to draw like this Picasso.In the meantime, I have found mistakesmade in this picture and draw my girl better. The dog is perfect.

Inspired by Käthe Kollwitz: Thinking, Juliane Arnold


The flutter of the dove became the symbol of peace movement and the abstraction of Read more “Juliane Arnold: Inspirations for my art”

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Last contact to Wikileaks

It is probably just a coincidence that the Internet connection of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange was capped on October 18, 2016 and thus my message of 16.10.2016, he might look at my coverage of the World Trade Center or spread it, perhaps was one of the last reports that reached him. Read more “Last contact to Wikileaks”

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