picture falsification to justify arm sales to libya

The “US- lamic” state reigns so cruel in parts of Guantanamo (and Libya?)

Today we are told  at the german online magazine “Stern.de” what horrible acts of terrorism are comitted by the  Islamic State in Libya.
Title: “Jihadists in Sirte. So cruel reigns the Islamic state in parts of Libya “

I am really far from protecting the Islamic State. It is one of the worst plagues of our time.Despite all the evidence mentioned herein are so outrageous that I do not want to hide it from you.

For Islamic terrorists in Lybia there is a proof photo in the newspapers. In truth it is used an old photo that comes directly from Guantanamo. Here the readers are clearly manipulated.
We should expect that this is a photo of evidence for a terrible war in Libya. It is the argumet for arms sales to Libya.

By the way: The islamic state is at Iraq and Syria. Libya is still far away, even if it has the islamic religion.

“West: arms sales are an act of balancing. Because of the chaos in Libya, there are considerations to lift the arms embargo on the country.” This reports the german magazine.

The porblem:

The image proof direclty comes from the US prison camp at Guantanamo Bay. It is in Cuba. It is a detention center of the USA and its intelligence service CIA. The legal conditions in the camps do not comply the legal position of prisoners of war or of prisoners in US prisons.
Moreover, the camp is criticised due to the torture practiced. Among other things, there was waterboarding (simulated drowning) to the prisoner. Barack Obama promised when he took office, the closure of the camp. The tortures were ceased. The bearing is still continued.

The images of the orange overalls are typical of images from Guantantamo. The kneeling position of the prisoners. The image used in the german magazine already were in the press as pictures from guantantamo.



This is certain: The images from Guantanamo and Sirte are identical.
This image is exposed as a forgery proof.

Which fundamentals do we have now to keep these reports credible? I see in this report, no evidence.

© 05.23.2016 author Juliane Arnold. Stuttgart. juliane-arnold.com
translation: 08.31.2016

Source of images:



German original text: http://artemisnews.de/so-grausam-herrscht-der-us-lamische-staat-in-teilen-guantanamos-und-lybiens/

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