Pogrom atmosphere in Germany

This was written on may 18 2016

What people are saying:

M (female): “Have you not seen them at the King Street? This dark-haired men standing around there in groups. The do not want to fit in. They always have to bring their religion with them and they want to establish the Islamic State here, too. This say the Americans.
The provoke outright that they are sometimes attacked.That their refugee homes burn, they do not want to integrate and to change their clothes either. “

I: “But htey fled the Islamic State and do not want to bring it.”

B (male): “Maybe it is the time for a new pogrom.These muslims are spreading everywhere.Maybe a few houses of them should burn again of those who do not want to adapt.”

I have now probably to say that I find these statements pretty awful.Because I’m not at all mainstream.It is frightening how many people have aggressions that are close to real violence.I must say that the woman is part of her German friend, she is a (blonde) foreigner.

It is spread over an incredible amount of incitement against Muslims. Also like the propaganda that has been directed against social welfare benefits recipients, easily recycled for refugees and slipped over them.It is said from the outset that they do not want to integrate, not want to work, do not want to learn German, and must be forced to the foregoing by violent means.And this, without having previously ever had to come out of the gym out and do all this a chance.

Battle cry: Integration objectors.

How can someone who or which is in Germany only for half a year, be already labeled as integration objectors?
Anyone who has ever studied a second language knows that this is difficult.So there is clearly a formed at the outset judgment: prejudice.It is of concern that these are the words of our politicians who go to the right-wing theories of Thilo Sarrazin.

(The talk about integration laws)

The aggression comes from the Germans:

There were burning houses of refugees all over Germany. They were burnt a short time before refugees should inhabit.
924 attacks on refugee shelters in Germany in 2015

122 arson attacks.



( Https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Liste_von_Angriffen_auf_Fl%C3%BCchtlinge_und_Fl%C3%BCchtlingsunterk%C3%BCnfte_in_Deutschland )

“The term pogrom calls the violent excesses against people who belong to either an identifiable social group or be assigned by the perpetrators of a real or perceived social group. Often theyare political groups (p.e. members of a party) or members of religious communities (eg. religious minorities). “(german wikipedia)

Who sets fire must expect fire.There is risk of civil war here.That should be no threat, I hope the people here calm down and get used to dark hair color in the cityscape.We will survive.Certainly.We do not always have to repeat history.


© 05.18.2016 author Juliane Arnold.

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