Rape-Culture Patriarchy


The patriarchy is the building of a culture to enable rape and unwanted pregnancy and to secure absolute male dominance.

Religion takes women’s sexual self-determination and tries to prevent contraception to make women dependent, and depreciate as second-class people.

The state allows religion to break the constitution, to invalidate women and to invoke oppression.

The judiciary is opposed to the display of rape, so that the women do not resist. The total enslavement of the woman is caused by the rapes of the judges as the judges make themselves accomplices and punish victims.

Total poverty comes from unemployment. This is because many men refuse to give women a job or pay them very badly. Women are encouraged to earn money through sex sales by marrying someone or going to prostitution.

Rape and women’s slavery are also structural, but they are also allowed and tolerated by the government and the judiciary through the use of violence, torture and drugs by wild men. Also the later sale in the pornography is expressly supported by the state. Selling the woman on the prostitution marriage or sex market.love-phenomenon

© October,18 2017 Author: Mrs. Juliane Arnold. Stuttgart, Germany.


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