Rape with MK-ULTRA torture methods

I was raped several times by several men.This is just one of it:

Date: 21.04.2008.There are 5 men who raped me.One is Mr K. the other Mr T. I get injections in the right arm, from Mr K. My legs hang on shackles on the ceiling, spread wide apart. I am tied to arms and legs.My left hip joint feels as if it is dislocated. There is no more feeling in the leg. The right leg hurts through the bonds that pinch the blood and the weight hanging on it.My arm feels tingling.I can not close my eyes.I have insane pain due to needles in my body, although I still do not know where they were, I only think of the needles.They inject something into my mouth that is not drinkable.The fourth injection into my arm is cold.The walls are tiled, edged, white tiles.That’s all I see.The men alternate with rape.I get a cardiac arrest and a near-death experience.My body is trembling by electroshocks.The heart beats again only weakly.It feels cold.

I had an amnesia after that and could not remember the faces of the men, just their voices.The memories are now returning.

Addition: I visited Mr T in the prison and asked him: What do you think, what drugs did they inject me? And he explained to me the following:

Truth drugs are made like this.




© 18 October 2016 Author: Mrs. Juliane Arnold. Stuttgart, Germany.

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