Immigrants in the city-park of Stuttgart

For over a year they were on the Kingstreet (downtown shopping area).They talked loudly and it looked like a small celebration or family gathering. There are about 30 people or more. I often went past them.It was intimidating, however, that there were so many and they spoke a foreign language. They were clearly out there late in the evening.Normal people think, “They’ll live somewhere and go there in the night.”However, this is not so.Since I live in Stuttgart close to the center, I meet these people again and again. They have neither a refugee shelter nor a homeless shelter, or any roof over their heads. There are some women, men and children. There are also babys troller. These People do not only enjoy the beautiful weather in the park (Schlossgarten), as one would think in the beginning. They live there. They do not make a barbecue, because they have nothing to grill. They have got a few mattresses and move with them again and again. On Sundays it can happen that they are sitting on the Kingstreet on pillows, then again they are under a monument in the castle garden and sleep on the mattresses. This with every wind and weather, rain and snow. I’ve watched the police walk past them carelessly. They are not asked for anything and are not brought to the refugee camp. How do these people survive?They still do not look as if they’re starving, but that they’re freezing is obvious. My guess is that they are probably illegal refugees of immigrants and therefore do not report anywhere.Maybe they just do not know where to go.

It would be very nice from the city of Stuttgart if these people could at least stay in one place and do not have to go somewhere else every night. After all, there are small children. It would be an accommodation necessary or the police could at least also look away, if they build tents for a camp and that there is a soup kitchen. It should not be that these families are simply abandoned, no matter what status they have. I do not want to see how these children and adults are slowly starving and freezing there in the park. Something has to be done. We are all responsible for these people.
Everyone of us could bring something to eat.

© March 07. 2017. Author Mrs. Juliane Arnold. Stuttgart, Germany.

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