SLAVERY “It’s only against foreigners!”

Slavery, ghetto formation, extermination of foreigners by the Hartz IV Act SGB II and the Hartz IV rule set.

In my analysis of the Hartz IV / ALG II system in comparison with features of slavery I have prepared interim the following points.Without adding any evidence by references to the respective legal texts, which would be quite possible.

I must note that slavery can not be clearly demonstrated because it has assumed a modern form.People are not treated directly as property, but are completely dependent by their owner, the German state or the clerk at the jobcenter.You have no choice but to be in the system,because there is no work for them and therefore no way out.Although they are constantly blamed for their unemployment and they have to face high penalties if they do not get a job.Reason for this could be: Poor clothes in the interview.In the case of a Hartz IV / ALG II regulation which reaches the middle of the month to the naked survival, the purchase of better clothes is impossible and therefore the conditions, to dress decently do not meet.

• Travel
and movement restriction.
City must not be left.
• Activities,

1 € job, compulsion to accept any offered work

of all kinds
• Blackmail
Starve to death sanctions
of the right
• The
rights of others
Citizens do not apply to Hartz IV recipients.
Discrimination by fellow citizens:
Some attorneys do not work for Hartz IV receivers, too
not when the court takes the costs

slaves can buy their freedom
• Can
This is not allowed. Only “work is free”
But there is no work.
No right to own money, all that is deserved is from the rule

can be sold

Body can be injured

• Create
hunger. Table diets are harmful to health
care is denied
• contraceptive

too expensive for the women.
Discrimination by fellow citizens:
Doctors treat Hartz IV recipients worse despite health insurance.
This is the general discrimination by the upper folk box.

There are voices here, which then say: Go to the second-hand department store.Here, ALG II recipients are forced to work for an hourly wage of 1 € and to sell worn-out clothing worn by the deceased or homeless, Hartz IV recipients.Everyone is supposed to dress here again, according to the fashion of the 80s.Ms Von der Leyen says: “They do not look at their poverty at all.” While the unemployed clad in rags are playing the violin for € 3 a day, they hope that the jobcenter will not catch them to substract the income from the rule set.

It’s hard to figure out what it means when a political swing to the right goes through the company and friends and acquaintances are not talking to you any more because they know you’re on the Hartz IV death list and they do not want to stand up for you in an emergency case.Instead, the aggression against the “foreigners” spits you, “the dark hair” says my blonde Greek girlfriend to me when I was a German brownhaired.They must go.From Germany.And for this the whole bullying system was created, which was spoken behind the backs of people like me among the blondes and Germans and the people with the German-looking chin and bright eyes.Blue contact lenses are already in the bath ready, hair fall because of blonding almost all off.There has been little improvement.It is hard to prove why people like me get only the evil hatred and never a smile.It is difficult to see if lawyers do not respond to letters and doctors say you can take a few pain, because: “you are always at home all day”.Is this now directed against me as a woman or as a person with a foreign appearance, but Swabian accent or is directed to me as a HarztIV recipient who is hated and bullied by all.Because everyone must get up so early and I do not.I sleep not for the whole night with worries and try to do the whole day something against the situation.There was no holiday for me, even if a man almost forced me to do it with him.I could defend myself.Those who think that the woman should be grateful for the food and the finka in Spain will be grateful to go to bed with him.Nevertheless, all know that there is a famine with me, which calls itself the Hartz IV rule set.
“It’s only against foreigners!”

They already know that the people with the Hartz IV rule set do not survive, but only slows more slowly, than that someone abroad noticed and designated as genocide.(PS: § 3 German law), and the right to work for people with a foreign appearance or accent or origin or religion.These are the people who are bullied by everyone and who are simply ignored when they are at a cash desk and are not even being used to buy something or that are often asked by the police in the city and asked for m papers.People who are snapped at the entrance of the bus by the “elite” of the blond men.People who are invisible for suit carriers and who are asked despite college degrees will work in nursing.After all, any work is to be expected of them.Free career choice for German-looking Greek girls (Sorry Maria, this is okay, but that is not 🙂 and not for German-born brunettes, with an unwanted nose, like me.People who are members of the Hartz IV Untouchable Cage, the lepers of the Latrines, the precariat of which are all told that they are only too lazy to work and who lose their jobs and are denied everywhere. People who are Turkish, who have an accent, who have darker skin and especially Muslim women, who may be denounced for their headscarf.The foreigners-hating German has decided that the refugees are combated by the fact that all those such characteristics have no work or can not work and which is then considered too lazy to work a sanction on the already too low rule of 409 €.The previous parties have decided not to change this to hunt foreigners out of the country, which is mainly concerned with this.Not a single party had the program to raise the rate.Instead, this was unofficially reduced by electricity increases of 100%, because of the increased energy costs.For me initially from 35 € to 70 €.This is all paid by the rule set.Of course, the government tells me that this would be compensated by the € 5 a year raised rules.Please consider how high the cost of living is.

Of course, “THE FOREIGNERS” simply have to do low-cost jobs at all costs, or they will be sanctioned until starvation comes.

Immigrant academics are, of course, allowed to make our garbage collection, and many politicians were delighted: “Let us abolish the minimum wage and we have all our own house staff and a servant girl.” The women are preferred in the non-adjustment, especially the headscarf.Their dismissal is intended to ensure that they are not discriminated.(Cynicism must be marked, because they really say it) Low-cost workers who speak little German do not know their rights, or they can not put them through when the unspoken collusion of collective bullying draws: “We just do not help them; and then throw them into the street. “(This is just an experience from my life) Slavery also takes place where all the discriminated people disregard and deny their rights.Where women are not allowed to attend a folk festival because of a pepper spray, since this is only reserved for dirndl and leather trousers.There is a danger of terror when I want to eat a fries.

Social isolation is always the first step.This was done by the Nazis with the Jews in the Third Reich.Bullying and exclusion from society allow the next step, the destruction.Or the displacement of the dwelling-places in ghettoes, where the victims no longer live in the midst of the general population.They will no longer be able to afford other apartments, in the case of the rampant housing shortage.Then comes a letter in the stands: “We pay 70 € less than their rent, please pull out.”Enclosed addresses of homes for homeless people.I paid this 70 € from the rule set, like most.In this way, the poor are brought to the margins of society.Refugees and foreigners or people who need to look or become so are not integrated but isolated in this way.Isolation comes before murder, which at the moment still passes passively through starvation, which with a Mr. Gaul(eiter)and [AfD] in parliament very quickly could take other features.Finding help is difficult.A mother, will immediately make me homeless, if I ask her for a tenancy, is the answer.Relatives turn away from me the same way as former companions.”If you do not sleep with me, I will not help you either.”I am getting death in Germany, even my Turkish neighbors and my fugitives.Of course you can see the strange faces everywhere, but they are friendly.One sees above all, how slowly a slum of the homeless in the city of Stuttgart in the park forms, of people, who have not even a corrugated sheet over their heads.The city becomes a molloch, while the middle class discusses the next vacations and shares.I can not say any more when my academic friends ask me where I was in the most expensive vacation in the world and how nice it was and how impertinent Muslim waiters are and how stupid these Jews are in Israel to the German immigrants, I will not listen. After all, this is the land of the Jews and anti-Semites should keep away there and not just go to tattle.They would most likely murder Jews in Israel, so great is the hatred of the Christians for the other religion which withdraws from their rule.

I personally find the situation life-threatening.The supressive Hartz IV laws according to SGB II were made for the suppression of discriminated ethnic groups who must live in the prosperity country of Germany in almost slavery-like conditions.

The feeling of standing on an unofficially declared list of deaths solidifies.
Everything is intent. It will not change after the 2017 Bundestag election, not even by left parties. Everything gets worse.

© 27 September 2017 Author: Mrs. Juliane Arnold. Stuttgart, Germany.

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