Social euthanasia is the deliberate starvation of unemployed people in Germany

Hartz IV sanctions are: social euthanasia

According to the dictionary, euthanasia means bringing about or facilitating the dying of a particular group of people.

This includes not only the active bringing about of death through violence or medication, but also the omission of assistance, such as medicine or food.

I quote on the website New, because the Wikipedia articles were already treated in this regard with censorship and the true meaning of euthanasia is no longer in it. Euthanasia is a murder and therefore a serious human rights crime.

“In medicine, the noun means euthanasia the relief of dying and thus the death. Euthanasia , also known as euthanasia, usually takes place through medications, narcotics or a lack of treatment . “Https://

Let Dying the Hartz IV (Social benefits) receiver is thus euthanasia by omission of assistance.

The normal Hartz IV rule set is too little to live on and too much to die, thereby inducing a very slow dying process, which is due to deficiency symptoms and malnourishment. The government’s offer to bring spoiled and expired food to the board increases the risk of food poisoning.

The many food additives that are added to the foods in the low-cost supermarkets add to the kidney and liver detoxification organs and harm them. They also clog thyroid and pineal glands. The former leads to thyroid disease and the second to migraine headaches, as the circulation between the brain hemispheres is disturbed.

Thyroid disease makes people like to become adipose, that is, adipose, which gives the impression that Hartz IV recipients are sufficiently nourished.

However, the energy demand is often brought in by sugar, which in turn leads to adiposity. I do not want to stir up any prejudices here, just to say this: malnutrition and cheap food are also seen in the overweight people.
Many, however, are already superthin. They sit dying on the Königstrasse to beg for a few euros.

The sanctions that the electorate sells as necessary to force lazy people to work are, in fact, designed to save the state money on people who can not defend themselves. Unclassifiable claims are written in integration contracts and the least error of the unemployed is threatened with a penalty of 30% withdrawal from the standard rate. This can increase up to 100% and add up. For example, you are late for appointment with the clerk (It is always a woman). You will be rejected at the interview. The position is too far away and it is unlikely that the applicant will take this application seriously.
A typographical error was found in the letter of application, which the clerk scrutinizes for sanctioning ability.


Quote from an integration notice.  This is the version "threatening letter", which is sent to the Hartz IV recipient and the Hartz IV recipient, if he or she does not sign the "integration contract", which is the duty of the job center from the respect of the human rights of the beneficiaries.

The pressure and the unsatisfiability of the integration contracts drives people into suicide, which has long been proscribed by the population as a Hartz IV recipient. They have the social status of untouchables. Some also say the Hartz IV recipients are what the Jews were in the Third Reich.

They are disenfranchised and their fundamental and human rights were suspended by the Social Code II.

Most are uninformed that they do not need to sign constitutional bargaining agreements and assume that not signing can not lead to a sanction. Or they are put under pressure by the clerk until they sign. Even without signature of the beneficiaries but threatened with sanctions.

“How else should we force you to obey us?” Said the 120 kg heavy clerk loudly through the open door to the elderly Turkish man.

Example of sanction notification (Source:

Doctors no longer treat Hartz IV recipients as soon as they hear about it. However, the job center requires a confirmation and a personal interview and a release of confidentiality from the attending physicians for each sick report. The medical officer then calls the doctors and asks exactly what is going on. The doctor will then bully the patient and harass them for going. The clerical worker, who must officially observe the doctor’s secret, knows afterwards exactly about the illness or informs the dependent person urgently about the illness and the recovery.

The sanction as an euthanasia-murder instrument

The sanction must be imposed on the long-term unemployed, otherwise the job center clerk gets “trouble with the boss” or as a whistleblower told me: she gets the sanction herself. So it’s not about punishing laziness, but sanctioning it under all circumstances. The intention of dying or suffering the Hartz IV receiver becomes clear. It is the policy of the upper classes that the lowest levels are dying to save money. Their politics of the class struggle was inserted into the social legislation in the back and people were painted the Munster Hartz IV receiver in all creepy colors by the Springer-press.

The construction of the German and worldwide dictatorship is in full swing.

So it is intended that if people who are seriously looking for work are sanctioned, they will be deprived of the last bit of food.

Survival is made impossible.

But the threat of sanctions is a psycho-torture. Psycho-torture leads to stress diseases and thoughts of suicide.

If you do not have family and friends, you will starve to death. The social ostracism of the unemployed and Hartz IV recipients means that the circle of friends and the family turns more and more away from the needs until the basic conditions for the Hartz IV murder or the severe suffering of Hartz IV torture have been created.

Social euthanasia is the deliberate starvation of unemployed people in Germany.

Germany once again managed to build a death factory that works so inconspicuously that the world does not notice it.

See the quotes from the politicians who created this murder and killing tool:

“Whoever does not work should not eat.” (Müntefehring SPD)

“Socially acceptable death” (Stop treating people who cost too much money.)



The omission of medical treatment of Hartz IV recipients was often observed. The doctors implement the class struggle. The lower classes are referred to as “unnecessary eaters”, their deaths accepted or simply approved.

The citations prove that the death of Hartz IV recipients is deliberately planned and not accidental.

Therefore, this deliberate killing will be considered murder, not homicide.


We live in a social community. The taxes are paid by relatives and friends and very large families of Hartz IV recipients. Taxes account for almost 50% of their income. These 50% could well feed the one Harzt IV recipient in the family.

The state pulls the money out of these people’s pockets, for the socially deprived and not for the rich to create an euthanasia factory and thus to squeeze wages. And not for the fact that they have to finance their loved ones extra again.

The ancestors and the Hartz IV beneficiaries themselfes have paid many years into the social security funds, this can be distributed to the children, without the state has the right to withhold or reduce it.

We ourselves have paid into social funds for many years and have a right to get it back. It used to be called unemployed “INSURANCE”.

The taxes are ours, the people and the family. The tax surpluses belong to the people.

As a freelancer of 2000 € I paid 19% VAT on my work gross and paid 20% income tax, and 360 € for the health insurance. As a woman, I only got freelance work because it makes me so easy to dismiss if I get pregnant. (SPD policy)






This money belongs to us and to the family and not the state or the super rich. They have no right to murder their children or threaten them with murder or torture them with sanctions. Or just to threaten it.



How many deaths the Harzt IV system has already brought forth can only be surmised on the basis of the many beggars in the cities. Suicide statistics never say anything about the true reasons. The Federal Statistical Office shuns all suicides on the label: mental illness.


There are no statistics on starved sanctioned people. Censorship due to omitted statistics.

Poverty and Wealth reports of the Federal Government are beautified and demonstrably censored.

© August 11, 2017 author Mrs. Juliane Arnold. Stuttgart, Germany.

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