Catalan President Puigdemont in German Prison

Democracy is when the people vote,

even if other politicians are against it.As with the people of Catalonia, which voted against the opinion of the Spanish government.It has decided to emancipate itself, make it independent and manage itself.It has also elected a president.The Spanish government has done its utmost to prevent excesses of violence during the referendum in Catalonia last year.The police put themselves in the way of the voting, voting peoplethat it could not reach the polling booths without forcibly gaining access. Read more “Catalan President Puigdemont in German Prison”

9-11 2001 World Trade Center- Fake Airplane

It looks as if the plane is flying into the tower, getting inside and then disappears inside. I mark it on the pictures in a red circle.
The wall remains undamaged.

The september 11 theme.

This movie, I found it on Youtube. I just watched this film again and again. Everytime there was something wrong with it. The first tower of the world trade center was already burning. This is a film of the second tower, when it began burning.
It is shown in close-up as the second plane flew into the tower 2 at the World Trade Center on 9.11.2001.

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