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Rape with MK-ULTRA torture methods

I was raped several times by several men.This is just one of it:

Date: 21.04.2008.There are 5 men who raped me.One is Mr K. the other Mr T. I get injections in the right arm, from Mr K. My legs hang on shackles on the ceiling, spread wide apart. I am tied to arms and legs.My left hip joint feels as if it is dislocated. There is no more feeling in the leg. The right leg hurts through the bonds that pinch the blood and the weight Continue reading Rape with MK-ULTRA torture methods


Decomposition, shading and tracking

The man is standing in front of me in the bus line 42 (Stuttgart East), Mediterranean type, blonde wig. (See photo) In his green bag he has a beige cords trousers and other garments. His wig and dark eyebrows do not fit at all, especially because his wig slips. The oddness strikes me. Someone wants to camouflage himselve. Continue reading Decomposition, shading and tracking