The survival of women is the sacred hunt

If you do not have good hunting grounds and arrows, you should not get pregnant.

One day he did not come back from the hunt. She waits days and more days and consumes all supplies and always thought, he comes back already and brings the loot with. The hunt has not always been successful. He did not come back. They sent search parties, he was gone. The supplies came to an end and there came what had to happen. Read more “The survival of women is the sacred hunt”

Catalan President Puigdemont in German Prison

Democracy is when the people vote,

even if other politicians are against it.As with the people of Catalonia, which voted against the opinion of the Spanish government.It has decided to emancipate itself, make it independent and manage itself.It has also elected a president.The Spanish government has done its utmost to prevent excesses of violence during the referendum in Catalonia last year.The police put themselves in the way of the voting, voting peoplethat it could not reach the polling booths without forcibly gaining access. Read more “Catalan President Puigdemont in German Prison”

Background information: What happened to the censored website

At the time of the G20 summit in Hamburg peaceful protests and also riots took place against the G 20 summit.The G 20 summit had been cunningly placed by the government precisely into the biggest German problem and ruckus district they could find.Exactly knowing that there would be riots.The police Hamburg is trained to react to something like that.Of course this was only the stupidity of the government and no intention. Read more “Background information: What happened to the censored website”

Censorship: We are not the government, we are against the government

This site ( is a criminal offense because it is against the government.
It belongs to the opposition and not to the CDU / SPD.

This is why their closure and the imprisonment of the author can be expected soon. Read more “Censorship: We are not the government, we are against the government”

No rights for the woman

Small summary statement.

Having no money does mean having no power.Also not for lawyers and rights.No money for women is a secret target of large discriminatory groups such as churches and conservative parties.

The great “family picture” of these people means: unemployed woman, depending on the work of the man who gets babies when the man wants it and she has noco-determination Read more “No rights for the woman”

Chemical attack: Beautiful babies – war propaganda of Donald Trump

How much truth is in the story of the gassed “beautiful babies” („Even beautiful babies were cruelly murdered in this very barbaric attack.“ (Trump)), which tells us Donald Trump and then he shoots rockets on a Syrian air base.On the subject of petitions and political influence, Europeans should be moved to a warlike act directed against the Assad regime in Syria.The civil war in Syria certainly leaves no one unimpressed. However, the question arises as to how credible are pictures and stories of gassed babies, Read more “Chemical attack: Beautiful babies – war propaganda of Donald Trump”

9-11 2001 World Trade Center- Fake Airplane

It looks as if the plane is flying into the tower, getting inside and then disappears inside. I mark it on the pictures in a red circle.
The wall remains undamaged.

The september 11 theme.

This movie, I found it on Youtube. I just watched this film again and again. Everytime there was something wrong with it. The first tower of the world trade center was already burning. This is a film of the second tower, when it began burning.
It is shown in close-up as the second plane flew into the tower 2 at the World Trade Center on 9.11.2001. Read more “9-11 2001 World Trade Center- Fake Airplane”

picture falsification to justify arm sales to libya

The “US- lamic” state reigns so cruel in parts of Guantanamo (and Libya?)

Today we are told  at the german online magazine “” what horrible acts of terrorism are comitted by the  Islamic State in Libya.
Title: “Jihadists in Sirte. So cruel reigns the Islamic state in parts of Libya “

I am really far from protecting the Islamic State. It is one of the worst plagues of our time.Despite all the evidence mentioned herein are so outrageous that I do not want to hide it from you. Read more “picture falsification to justify arm sales to libya”

Hierarchies among humans

Meta-analysis of discrimination systems and power systems.

Discrimination systems and power systems are mutually dependent and are interdependent to form hierarchies in social structures.

We could summarize the following bases for discrimination and power systems are detected.

This is the scientific theses analysis are applicable to various discrimination systems.

In principle, the equality of all people shall be inviolable. This is an ethical principle.

The reality is different and will now be examined in order to ease the suffering of the people who are discriminated. Read more “Hierarchies among humans”

The strategy of Donald Trump

As in my article Coming Soon announced I wanted to investigate the American presidential candidate Donald Trump on his similarities with Adolf Hitler. Meanwhile, I got off the subject.
I have seen through his strategy.
He does not want to be the world’s next horror ruler who initiates the 3rd World War and deports all Muslims and Latino / a ‘s or “illegal” people from his country, which only the locals should think, as he will put them in gas chambers and concentration camps, in truth. This is what Hitler did to the jews.
He does not want to reward fatal shots on African American by white policemen with medals. He will only tolerate them and quash racial riots as bloodily as possible. Read more “The strategy of Donald Trump”