Mr. President of the United States

Shortly noted: 

Donald Trump confirmed yesterday humbly that Barack Obama is still Mr. President of the United States. Somewhat intimidated, he gave a joint press conference with Barack Obama. Then announced that it will take about the middle of January until the world will finally go down, as it is written in reputable German newspapers. Read more “Mr. President of the United States”

9-11 2001 World Trade Center- Fake Airplane

It looks as if the plane is flying into the tower, getting inside and then disappears inside. I mark it on the pictures in a red circle.
The wall remains undamaged.

The september 11 theme.

This movie, I found it on Youtube. I just watched this film again and again. Everytime there was something wrong with it. The first tower of the world trade center was already burning. This is a film of the second tower, when it began burning.
It is shown in close-up as the second plane flew into the tower 2 at the World Trade Center on 9.11.2001. Read more “9-11 2001 World Trade Center- Fake Airplane”

The strategy of Donald Trump

As in my article Coming Soon announced I wanted to investigate the American presidential candidate Donald Trump on his similarities with Adolf Hitler. Meanwhile, I got off the subject.
I have seen through his strategy.
He does not want to be the world’s next horror ruler who initiates the 3rd World War and deports all Muslims and Latino / a ‘s or “illegal” people from his country, which only the locals should think, as he will put them in gas chambers and concentration camps, in truth. This is what Hitler did to the jews.
He does not want to reward fatal shots on African American by white policemen with medals. He will only tolerate them and quash racial riots as bloodily as possible. Read more “The strategy of Donald Trump”