The big beast – the riddle of the sphinx

There are likely thousands of books and research papers on the pyramids at Giza. It is puzzled and suspected that extraterrestrials were here to leave us works of art like this one. In the Cheops pyramid, a couple of smaller chambers, approx. 30 cm high, were found above one of the main rooms, the “King’s Chamber”. Builders of the pyramid probably left graffiti here, with the word “Cheops” written on it in hieroglyphs. That was enough to create a story of the late Pharaoh who should have been buried here and after whom the whole pyramid was named. The other two pyramids were then named after his son and grandson.

All is well with the male god’s psychological vanity. Pharaohs in ancient Egypt were male gods. One of them was e.g. Amun or Amen who is still worshiped by Christians. They don’t even know that this is the name of their god who was one of the first pharaohs of ancient Egypt.

Buildings like the 3 pyramids in Egypt attract a lot of attention. They are wonders of the ancient world that exist to this day and attract many tourists and fascinate the world of magic.

In computer-generated images, they appear as men would like them to be. With a standing man in front of it or with a sphinx with masculine features.

The Sphinx is generally not very much noticed by the male archaeological world. There is a reason. Her features are clearly feminine, she doesn’t have a beard. Egyptian male gods and pharaohs are depicted with beards. It’s a woman.

It is an animal woman who symbolizes the merging of life on earth of humans and animals, she symbolizes the riddle but also the royal dignity of the lion figure. The lioness is considered the queen of animals. There is no larger statue or sculpture on earth to this day.

Nevertheless, male archaeologists overlook the clearly standing image of this queen. She is the queen because she is in the form of a lion. She is the goddess because of her size. The male religions do everything to cover up or overlook this. So the prophet stands in front of the mountain of the pyramids and does not see the large animal, which is the largest of all goddess statues in the world, the goddess of lions and men. The figure to which the 3 pyramids are dedicated. Such buildings are sacred. They belong to the religions, not to the individual as persons. The pyramids were certainly not built as tombs of individual pharaohs, but as religious places of worship that were consecrated to the gods of Egypt. Which deity could that be now, asks the Muslim or Christian male archaeologist?

I’ll explain to you now: The big animal is the goddess. Since she is a lioness, her name is known as Hathor or Had-Hath, Had-it. The lion goddess should be the namesake of the pyramids, because they are certainly dedicated to her. The goddess of humans and animals.

Inside the pyramids there are corridors in which a person can only crawl. What if the religious ideas of the Egyptians built these passages for a lion goddess who can walk through this upright passage?

You don’t have to be an alien to belong to another species, just becoming a lioness is enough!

The blindness of men who are blind to the feminine could not increase. The vanity of masculinity cults has made them overlook the giant animal that is emblazoned right in front of their noses. One would rather look in tiny little chambers than notice the obvious in front of the door. The pyramids and the sphinx not only belong together, the pyramids are dedicated to the lion goddess and should be interpreted as a religious place that was dedicated to this goddess. It’s that simple when a woman looks

Honor the goddess of wisdom, the Sphinx. Which points out your connection with the animal world as well as your weakness. The animal in ancient Egypt is as high a creature as man is. She has a woman’s face.

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