The complexity of Syria disaster

Iran, Russia, Lebanon, Iraq, Afghanistan, USA, Turkish Kurds, Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia are the countries that so far have intervened in the Syrian “civil war”.Something rumored over France, which is thinking about to meddle.So it is a “regional conflict” taking place only in one country and then popularly called “civil war”,because it applies only to the residents of that country citizens.It mingle just about 10 other countries in the conflict and is currently considering whether it would be useful to have an UN mandate?Or it is just once again on a weekend crisis meeting, saying performed UN Security Conference, because a convoy of relief supplies has been shot down by the Russians.Quite by accident because surely nobody suspects that secret weapon supply to be delivered to certain rebel groups in an aid convoy.The fronts in Syria are very confusing and actually everybody fights against everybody, but there are larger camps that shoot each other.The official government provided by the dictator Assad, who has his headquater in Damascus.Against him there is formed a resistance of a “moderate” Sunni opposition.This has its headquarters in Aleppo.Overview of the various rebel groups in Syria virtually no one has, it is clear only that all work on their own power and that Assad has lost control of his own military and his provinces for some time and that they work only for their own profit and this acting on their own, while the military from Russia is rushing to help him.The opposition groups are fragmented and there are so-called “good” and “bad” Islamists among them.The bad are the Islamic State, which dominates much of the country and the fighting with Turkish Kurds. Turkish Kurds obtain of Erdogan from Turkey no backing, but are special also attacked.This is because the Kurds have always wanted their own business and create their own state.The “good” Islamists are those from which the United States had hoped that they would work with them, but this is not done.They found no support from the rebels.The United States get no cooperation from any rebel group, but fighting against the Islamic State and fighting there representative from time to time against Russia, that must mean also against Assad and therefore on the side of people in Aleppo, which want to overthrow the Assad government and the Syrian government to reform.The red line of President Obama was that no poison gas against its own people should be used.So 2013 poison gas and traces of it were found anywhere.It was not entirely clear whether the case is proved.Overall, the rebel groups of all sides are fragmented and the various warlords economize especially in their own pockets and are supplied by the various interest groups from the surrounding states with arms supplies, so that an end of the “civil war” is not in sight.Too many proxy wars are also performed in this country.Ancient conflict between Shiites and Sunnis smolder between the Shiite militias of Assad camp and the Sunni majority population in Aleppo.

For many groups, probably all lose track, especially the people in Syria.The journalists hold therefore also hold it back to tell us the location, probably from the same confusion about.It is clear that there are certain camps that have conquered larger areas than others and these are:

– The Syrian government
– The Syrian opposition
– The Al-Nusra Front
– The Islamic State
– Kurdish forces

The warring groups and states are as follows:

Assad regime:

– Assad
– Free Syrian Army
– Shi’ite militias
– Tiger Forces
– Desert Hawks
– Hezbollah (Lebanon)

Supporting States:
– Russia
– Iraq
– Afghanistan
– Turkey
– Iran

Rebels against Assad:

– Free Syrian Army (moderate opposition to Assad)
– Islamic Front (Sunni rebel groups) of
– Saudi Arabia supports
– ISIL (Sunni) gets money from
– Kuwait
– Salafist rebel militia al Ahmar shame
– Al-Nusra Front (Dschabhat al Nusra) or Dschabhat Fatah asch shame

States against Assad:
– Saudi Arabia
– Kuwait

Against the Islamic State:

Assad regime
– Kurds
– Russia

Islamic state

Al Qaeda

Al Nusra Front Dschabhat Fatah al shame

Sunni terrorists

Pink: Syrian government
green: Syrian opposition
White: As Nusra Front
gray: Islamic State
yellow: Kurdish forces

One thing is certain in any case that the conditions in Syria are devastating and as long as there are still further arms shipments of interfering States, is not the end of the “civil war” in sight. But the human tragedy in Aleppo suffering from constant attacks of the Syrian regime must be stopped, just as much as the reign of terror of the Islamic State that extinguishes Yezidi religious community, heading the men and make sexslaves of women and children and make human trafficking with them. They live in a barbaric way that humanity has not seen since a long time to defend their radical Islam, which is completely degenerated and has nothing to do with the original Islam. Their mullahs write each other permits and new laws that make more inhumanity towards other possible.
The refugee population is starving in the surrounding areas of Raqqa, there were for a long time any more messages from there.
There is currently hearing about a ceasefire, which until now could not be complied with, and we can only hope that soon a solution to the conflict is found. The aggression and conflicts against Russia by German and American side will be further fueled because Russia has taken the side of the Assad regime and a proxy war with the US is already taking place. All in all, the whole thing has the quality, to look like a world war, which is characterized by more and more countries are involved in a war inside. But we must not call it so, but will continue to receive the traumatized refugees in Germany, or not. In the American newspaper is to read that refugees are brought back to the Austrian border of Germany. This besides of our internal political debate on an upper limit or without the German press mention. Germany is so already involved into the syrian conflict.

© September 30, 2016 author Juliane Arnold. Stuttgart, Germany.

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