The eradication of artists and intellectuals

The dictatorship of Germany

It happens slowly, not fast, but very slowly, so that the world publicity does not draw attention to it.The social impoverishment of certain groups of people is politically desired.Their destruction by starvation and constraints of the HartzIV system is spread with much propaganda.

There are certain groups of people who do not fit the powerful in Germany and which are pushed into the defensive with all their might.A dead man has no electorate, an imprisoned intellectual also.

People who cry like Priest Bräuchle on a pro Stuttgart 21 demo: “We will hunt these hippies out of the city” (ia somewhere on youtube to look at) are peoplehatingspeeches with a Christian conservative right background, which had launched a crusade against all alternative life-styles , who is quiet and creepy, but is also slowly showing up in the protests of the oppressed.

Since the Agenda 2010, life in Stuttgart has changed. I want to explain this to my life story. After my training as a teacher, they did not hire teachers and I became a multi-media designer. During the first application interview, I got the job in a TV company, continued to do art, and I planned an art exhibition alongside a full-time job. Everything came to me by myself, a gallery owner wrote to me: “Would you like to exhibit at Karlsruhe in the Gotec-Künstlercaffee ?” Sure.


Meeting in Stuttgart to discuss an insider tip: Atelier Invisible. It was a cute little artist, and the artist exhibited other artists, making it a gallery. An adjoining room was equipped with a piano and a cluster of instruments in which regularly musicians gathered to play jazz together. Wild and confused. There were several small meeting places in the Nordbahnhof district. And a larger cultural center called the ” Wagenhallen “. The cultural life of Stuttgart is not always where the state flows the millions. There was a vernissage for approval, for the dominions of the control authority. The gallery owner and I were together. Financing: My purse. For a while. He only had ALGII


So, the woman worked 40 hours, financed the man and his art gallery.I did the art in my free time and not at all as an alternative to working, but by the way, the economy does not have to be deprived of my workforce.The exhibition was also made by the side and otherwise could not have been financed, because it is more a charity concert than a lucrative concert.The people are provided with a cultural event that brings little or no money.Nevertheless, the artists love to enrich and enrich the world with their art, giving them a sense of life and culture.


This is a way of life that brings a preacher Bräuchle and all of these conservative housewives to the foam in their mouths.We were all they did not want: Happy.There, many artists from Stuttgart met evening after evening for highly intellectual conversations, on the improvement of art, jazz and politics.The men are not always the rich and the breadwinner. Sometimes the women are also.

The policy has “maternity protection” That means: It wants to force me to motherhood. Before I would possibly become a mother, my boss decided to dismiss me.

Motherprotectionlaw means employment interdiction for pregnant, means employment interdiction for all women. Proactively.

This is also the reason why I could only work as a freelancer later. There and elsewhere. So I was only paid for the worked hours, without social security, with more taxes and health insurance costs paid. Agenda 2010. The gallery could no longer be subsidized by me, except through voluntary work. This was also the case with other artists’ meeting places with exhibitions and partylocation. Everything is too. This type of meeting place for alternative thinking is no longer there. My freedoms were interrupted by massive attacks by men’s groups.


They wanted me to take the job in a brothel. I refused.In the meantime, some connections have become clear to me.I refused consistently, but I did not want to give me any right to decide myself.This is the only job that is always offered to me as a woman.The whole thing has made me very ill and I have not seen much in the art scene for years.When I last looked after, the Invisible Gallery was a rubble heap, the culture centere Wagenhallen is being demolished.


Railroad carriages were residential and meeting places for many parties and events. Everything is gone. No more meeting place for the poor artists, who call themselves the AvantGarde and who are only spit at the academy of arts because not enough bribes have flowed. The artists have disappeared, some are homeless, many are forced or famished by the Hartz-IV system. Those who do not bow to conservative Christian thought and do not want to accept their form of life are now gradually destroyed and are on the list of extermination.

Shopping centers here shoot like mushrooms from the ground and the large construction site buries the entire city in the fine dust.There is no promotion of artists.My showroom is my living room, where I hardly want to let men enter because of the trauma.I do not trust them.I do not take the job in the brothels, nor the housewife.I am an artist, unemployed as a multimediadesigner, still too sick to return to the teacher’s job, which is a superstress.Which is to force me to marry, by me as a woman simply neither a further education, nor a job offer, but me only with death threat to write applications.

The men with whom I used to be together are artists, we fit together. They are as poor as I am and they can not do what Christian conservative politicians want to impose on us, namely, the woman who is forced into unemployment. It is sometimes exactly the opposite. I have supported several of them, not just my friend, because everyone was always short of homelessness or hunger. I have lost sight of most. They have disappeared. Perhaps some went to Berlin, where artists are not so gloomy, as in Stuttgart.

Here is only chick-picture art.You can buy well made prints, which look deceptively genuine look for original paintings, which are available already from 10000 € in the noble galleries.This is the latest trend.The real artists see them as homeless people and beggars on the street.Germany has the intellectual elite and the cross-thinkers in the eye and takes them under control.We are certainly held to the left, and therefore we were fought, censored and fought with all the power of the state.The dead and the suicided no longer speak of it.

“One day after May 1st the trade unions are forbidden, because the persecution of the Jews has long been in progress. Communists and Social Democrats are arrested, artists and intellectuals are thrown into prison or exiled . “Hitler’s grip of power in-the-diktatur_aid_908695.html

© September 05 2017 Author: Mrs. Juliane Arnold. Stuttgart, Germany.

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