The goddess revolution. The goddess says: I am a woman

Goddess is female, she is a woman. It is the moon and the universe, it is everything and all women.

It is there and it will always be. So changeable, so forever.

Freemasons consider Da Vinci’s theory of proportion to be an image of God. A god with a male member, arms stretched out in the crucifixion position, but not pierced. So a pure undamaged god, but man, because Da Vinci wants to show a man in this picture. In defense of Da Vinci: The text in the picture explains how to draw an act that is in correct proportion and what the conditions are in the human body. The picture is sold as a secret knowledge as a picture of God. The man as God in the center of the world = square and in the universe = circle. So he became ruler of the spiritual and material world.

Vitruv-Madonna-Vitruvianische Frau
Vitruv-Madonna-Vitruvianische Frau

I give to the women the image of Artemis and Nut, as goddess who is woman. According to Egyptian legend, the groove standing with outstretched arms holds the heavenly tent above the earth and is therefore goddess of the universe. The woman as goddess Nut gives birth to the sun. So she is the mother of the sun god Ra.


I give you women the Vitruvian woman, the image of the goddess, who has both arms outstretched and has the elements, the spirit and the earth under control. I no longer wrote how to draw a female nude, only the dimensions are shown. The image is the woman’s secret knowledge that the deity is a woman and has female breasts and a vagina, as well as a uterus from which the center of the universe and the universal mind emanate, as well as the earth and matter that fully controls her .

I give you the image of Artemis, which only loves and tolerates female energy and represents the completely pure femininity of the universe. Defensive and strong, she stands for self-determination and self-sufficiency with her bow. The bow that also represents the moon, which is the source of feminine power. Artemis, which stands for self-confidence, says: “I am goddess, I am woman”. The pride in herself is: The diva, the shining, the Diana. Artemis, who doesn’t put up with anything from the men. Nothing at all.


The universe belongs to women, not just men. It belongs to us women and we are goddess just as they are God.

I do this to free women from the humiliation that men do to them, who believe that God has a penis and that he is only a man and has only chosen men for his heaven or earth kingdom. Artemis only chooses women. Nut chooses the universe. She gives birth to the gods earth, sun and moon. Men are no more gods than women and goddesses.

The priests’ arrogance is now broken, the goddess appears as a woman, she will take responsibility for the earth and her women. She came back.



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