The hate culture – A free expression of opinion

The mood among the Germans is displeasing.The hatred of women and foreigners is a majority opinion.The propaganda in the media runs on high tours.The government is working on the dictatorship and abolition of the fundamental principles law (german constitution) of oppression imposed by it, such as the Network Enforcement Act, the Association Act and the Social Code II.

The hatred, the disgrace and the contempt in the eyes of the people is everywhere recognizable.This applies to the poor, the refugees, the foreign-looking women, the beggars and their own children.

When I throw a few coins into a half-starved beggar some German woman is going on me.Just as with the man, who is so emaciated and recently almost fainted by the roadside, I wondered if an emergency doctor would help.


An elderly, mostly fat,  woman is standing by and hissing at me: “I am sick, too.”


When I photographed the punk, I wanted to give him a fee as a photo model.But I was attacked by a woman who wanted to snatch the camera from me and force me to delete the picture.I would have hurt the dignity of the man deeply.In any case, the suffering of the people must not be made public, it could be seen.The woman pulled me by the arm and tried to steal my camera and shouted, “I’ll get the police.”

The man, who was close to vomiting, could unfortunately not be paid for, because I had to flee before the woman.
For me the whole thing is a social art project with the photos and the street picture can always be photographed, because these beggars make a kind of performance street art purely for legal purposes. Perhaps I have attacked a few of his personality rights, I just do not know, I only know that people do not believe anything without proof, at least when a woman tells it, and only with good “press photos” the time happenings can be documented and recorded.
Everything else is the usual cover-up and censorship. Everyone looks away, becomes a duty, we should ignore the dying of the people in the street. An elderly German woman will tell you.
All this, of course, is due to the AFD legal pressure, which fosters hate for refugees, the poor and women. The world picture is to go back to the 1950s and a large majority of Germans are right winged and conservative. A general attack by the Federal Government on the Left Party on censorship and prohibitions is taking place. Everyone knows that there have been riots in Hamburg. We all know the government media, who tell of the evil, who has to go to jail. We do not know the situation of people who can no longer be different from the revolution in despair in oppression. This could also be called a popular uprising. The men leave their rage and aggression in riots, the women kill themselves.

. People who have been ruthlessly discriminated against and pushed into poverty do not know otherwise. Survival is illegal. Every ALGII receiver is always with 1 leg in the debts, since money must be procured, of which the Jobcenter knows nothing. Otherwise, starvation threatens, the rule is a famine . If you have to rely on it for years and do not get any work, you have to survive somehow differently. He becomes an outlaw and meets the hate of his fellow-men, who are all second-hand, and who look after the media and the government, and look at the rules, and if the money is returned in full to the job center.
For: the right to life, is not valid in the eyes of many Germans.”You can be glad that you get something at all” “You are doing well”

“You can get your food out of the Tafel” This is what the state has planned.There are only expired foods, the others have thrown away.

The poor are the people who have thrown away the others.And, of course, it is also about power, control, monitoring and humiliation.It is about the creation of a slavery system by acknowledging the majority of Germans: “Who does not work should not eat” What they also say of themselves: “We do not hire women who should not work” Of course, there are always jobs in the Brothels, this is not enforced by the jobcenter, it is only a sanction of 100% made, that is, you can starve.

The men have the privilege of getting the job as the only one.They only give the women money when they go to bed with them.This type of sexual abuse is the socially induced deliberate policy of the churches and conservative parties.So the churches want that women die without children, so no longer have a right to life.Or they are forced to marry.

All sorts of sloppy guys mean, “You have HarzIV, you can clean my kitchen naked, then you get a little black money.” If you do not accept then you are the evil.

The abuse culture is borne by a very large majority, with the money.Women like these chicks make sure that the beggars do not have any money.

The rich get their privileges secured, their Porsche Cayenne and their villas can only be financed by total exploitation of minimum wage slaves or 1 € job slaves.It is a class struggle and a box system is politically wanted.

The websites of the poor are closed because a few men have not made a statement about their rage, or the AFD has uploaded a few illegal or criminal texts to provide a reason for a legally questionable closure.
It is no longer possible to speak freely or write.What has been written has not yet been made, but an expression of feelings of anger in total oppression.

With the utmost harshness of the non-existent justice-state, all opposition is preceded. We measure with two dimensions. No one from the higher caste can understand it, because the media brainwashing has triggered the envy and feelings of hate so much that the poor are starved and deprived of their human rights and dignity, forced into strange compulsive labor, or simply left to die.
The women can and should not marry and do nothing else applying to churches and CSU.

I’ve never been asked if it’s a lifestyle I’m striving for, others decide everything for me, and they decide to marry, be unemployed, cover up the housewife status, and get male babies.

This is enforced with all the constraints that the state, the church and the family has.
The state sanctions you, the family rapes you, the church prevents prevention wherever it can. The men rape or want sex for money otherwise they go into our slaves’ brothels. They do not need the word “love”, they have the power over the money and the women’s despairing justice, which punishes the display of rape more than child abuse.

The entire system is a rape and slave system. That’s what I think. Not to you at the church, the judiciary, the pedophilemedia or the government. The conservative forces force me to force their housewife’s slavery, or I will be terrified.

The many rapes are supposed to convince me, because they have hoped for unwanted pregnancies, which should finally bring me into the dependency situation single-parenting HartzIV mother.

The Church fully supports this. Thus the subjugation of women has been successful for centuries. The pregnant women have a weakness, they can be exploited and abused. The Maternity Protection Act is now also extended to female practicants and female students. The perfidious machinations of the men’s protection movement know that women are not only given no job, but also no internship or study place because the potential pregnancy is a non-existent basis, which makes all women unemployed, whether pregnant or not.

It is an absolute discrimination law and has nothing to do with protection.Only if the unemployment insurance takes the payments fully, the risk for employers could drop a woman to engage. This cover-up as a women’s protection is the purest anti-women policy which has been developed by conservative “childbreed-against-the-womans-wish” (indirect rape associations).

Against my indirect forced marriages by the jobcenter and all the other enemies, I will soon be able to do nothing more so I think about asylum abroad, because of human rights violations of the first degree, which I am here exposed by torture, rape, child abuse without legal status, as well as by the slave system.

So, this time was a very free muzzle free expression.

© 28 August 2017 Author: Mrs. Juliane Arnold. Stuttgart, Germany.




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