The hatred in Germany is back

There is incredible great hate in Germany. Stoked by the Catholic Church is rushed for everyone who is not in their church and all women. It is constantly said that women’s rights should be abolished and human rights should not apply.

It is said that torture should be allowed and women should be of less value or price. Therefore they should not be allowed to work. Above all, there is rushing about the Jews, which rolls the wave of hatred against people with dark hair and dark skin, as well as about Muslims, in an incredibly powerful way, like an earthquake or tsunami. Anyone who deviates in the slightest from the male, blonde, blue-eyed version of a human being is disregarded, mistreated, slandered, persecuted and threatened with the police. The situation in Stuttgart is serious. Muslims rioted in mid-June. The state government hushed up that it was an uprising of Muslim people. The occasion was an apparently excessive drug raid by the police and corona restrictions. The poverty of the rioters plays a role. Above all, looting was carried out here. Ice-cold Germans use an iron hand to cause unemployment and poverty for women and other believers. They want to control, suppress, exploit, rob and abuse them. The Church wants the death of those who believe otherwise. Of course, you only hear this unofficially and you can display the least of it. Anyone who reports something is slandered by the police, on the contrary, his statements are distorted and not even noticed. Or he or she is made into a joke and locked up in a psychiatric ward.

Anti-Semitism events take place where groups of people meet to devise better justifications for anti-Semitism and the distribution of Israel. I cannot say what was said there. Flyers were sent to me. The hate is like a sizzling fire and it gets worse. It becomes life-threatening for everyone who is to be exterminated by the Catholic Church.


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