The man who shot himself in the back of the head

Death penalties for terrorists?

“As law enforcement officials unleashed the cells on the seventh floor around eight o’clock in the morning of October 18, 1977, they discovered four dead or severely injured RAF inmates.” In cell 716, Jan-Carl Raspe sat collapsing on his bed, bleeding from a bullet wound in his head He died a few hours later, Andreas Baader was lying dead in cell 719 with a gunshot wound on his neck, Gudrun Ensslin had hanged himself in the neighboring cell 720 with a speaker cable at the window cross Irmgard Moller was in cell 725 with severe puncture wounds in the chest on her bed, she survived as the only one. ”

Irmgard Möller probably took a plastic knife of the prison and stabbed it several times in the abdomen, while other RAF members shot themselves in the cell in the back of the head or hanged at the window.

However untrustworthy, it is the fairy tale of the mighty that is told to us. Fake News may only be reported by official sources.

Collective suicide by complete maladministration in the prison, in which guns in detention cells were readily available and in which 4 alleged terrorists murdered themselves. One of them brought the acrobatic feat of shooting in the back of his head. The fake news of the federal government is as credible as the powerful have just leased the truth. Terrorists die in state prison before presumptions of innocence and fair trials are revealed to the press and the public for reasons not to be learned. What does the Federal Government have to hide from being so scared that the defense of the alleged terrorists is making its opinion public?

I do not mean to say that I would stand by statements by RAF terrorists. In no way. These statements were mostly cited by the judicial authorities and we can not review them. The case is old and it still has to be considered a prime example of left-wing terrorism when it comes to security policy. Left terrorism of 40 years ago, which is considered as serious as the everyday terrorism right-wing radicals today.

The credibility that pistols for terrorists would be available in detention cells, like sandwiches, is quite low. That someone shoots himself on the neck is anatomically very unlikely and a plausible reason for such a contraction for a suicide can hardly exist psychologically.

The problem with the rule of law is that it no longer comes to a fair trial, but that terrorists are before the eyes of all BE-Suicided. Since they are not met with much love in the population because of their alleged acts, the very probable fact that it is murder is not investigated, but accepted and the officials of the prison simply forgiven. Thus, in Germany, as everywhere else in the world, the death penalty, which is not in the legal code, has been carried out after a missing process. All of us have already heard through the press what crime is accused of suspected terrorists in custody, and that is enough to make the people, the press and the judiciary overlook the fact that the deaths of alleged terrorists are most likely murdered by the prison officials.

Nobody weeps a tear.

But what if one of the alleged terrorists was innocently accused, trapped and hung? A fair trial is not without reason among the principles of civilization and the rule of law and this principle is systematically eradicating in the fight against terrorism.

The right to have a trial does not apply to terrorists. The ban of death penalty in our country also does not apply to terrorists.

In Germany, it is also like to go against a young gunman Tim Kretschmer. The terrorist was not of age, but only 17 years old and would have received a juvenile justice before a court.

These laws, too, were challenged by civilization, decided by the parliaments, and made on the basis of a constitutional state, which in turn was circumvented by shooting in unofficial death sentences.

The state is taking revenge and the people and the press are tacitly ignoring it. It was a terrorist who was shot because he could not be stopped otherwise. All accept these deaths, even among teenagers, because the acts they are accused of and which are never discussed in a process are all too terrible. This is not the truth, but the police tell us the “truth” and the judiciary.

He was locked up in the cell without food or drink. Allegedly on a hunger strike. All my hair balks when I read such newspaper reports.
…. Like the man who shot himself in the neck …. (Andreas Baader) ….

I just do not like lying reports. And no hushed up murder. Following the motto: We can make it easy with them and with them we can do it and everyone will agree with us and everyone will look the other way, that here people are simply executed and murdered. The rule of law also applies to terrorists and terror suspects. “He had strangled himself with his T-shirt on the gitter of the cell. Reanimations had been unsuccessful. [35] [39] Later it was announced that on the wrists of the prisoner were cuts. This should al-Bakr have done hours before his suicide. The public prosecutor’s office did not mention these wounds in their final report, so far it is unclear with what subject al-Bakr was said to have cut and how this object came into his possession. ” (
“With which we do not torch long, they are simply eliminated.”
Are sentences that are not in any newspaper, but are perceptible between the lines. Many are bothered by the rule of law, and some can simply impose death sentences without ever being prosecuted. Namely, those who had the supervision of the prison Leipzig. Even the German parliament saw this for a time like me and after all called for an investigation of the case. Unfortunately, in vain. “The family filed a lawsuit against law enforcement officials for negligent homicide. [52] The trial was discontinued in June 2017.” (
Another dead terrorist: Anis Amri
Has all the characteristics of a “threat” so Discrimination points 100%: religion, skin color, or ethnic group, origin. And therefore not a very high right to live in the eyes of some Germans. There was a dead truck driver and a Muslim who waited in front of a red light just to build a car crash shortly thereafter, which is considered a terrorist attack. The dubiousness in reporting makes us think. The alleged terrorist denied the crime but accused the police of massive maltreatment. He was initially released as innocent, before he was spelled out for search again. The terrorist attack could be proved. The guilt of Anis Amri could not be determined before a court. The terrorist attack was never discussed, proven or questioned before the judiciary. The verdict was clear, the execution took place within hours. The police of Milan executed him. He was shot by law. Of course, as always in self-defense before the terror. “On 23 December, he was shot dead at around 3 am by Italian policemen during a routine check-up in the city of Sesto San Giovanni, part of the metropolitan city of Milan, after he opened fire on them.” (

Self-defense is always when a terrorist is shot.

A terrorist is always shot.

A justice never takes place.

The police blame and executes the death penalty.

For terrorists applies: death penalty, without judgment and trial.

Nobody asks.


© November 08 2017 Author Ms. Juliane Arnold. Stuttgart, Germany.

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