The strategy of Donald Trump

As in my article Coming Soon announced I wanted to investigate the American presidential candidate Donald Trump on his similarities with Adolf Hitler. Meanwhile, I got off the subject.
I have seen through his strategy.
He does not want to be the world’s next horror ruler who initiates the 3rd World War and deports all Muslims and Latino / a ‘s or “illegal” people from his country, which only the locals should think, as he will put them in gas chambers and concentration camps, in truth. This is what Hitler did to the jews.
He does not want to reward fatal shots on African American by white policemen with medals. He will only tolerate them and quash racial riots as bloodily as possible.
He does not want to punish women for abortions, or behead them and give an order to rapists (which only the German justice is doing).
He does not throw the nuclear-bomb on Moscow and let all babies and toddlers, grandma, grandpa, women, men cousins of any Muslims, which are suspected to think about terrorist attacks, be zapped by the US military. He just is collaborating with the Russians to kill Hillary Clinton (?)
He does not want to leave NATO, or attack NATO countries militarily. Donald Trump will not carry up waterboarding in his torture quality to the top and expand and legalize more tortures and invent and use new ones.
He does not want to distribute child pornography everywhere on government servers and implant a micro-chip inside the body of all citizens, which kills them by pressing a button.
Or he does not want the absolute legalization and impunity of rape of all non-natural-blond women, or women with silicone implants, and their conviction and detention by the judiciary, as we like to practice it in Germany.
He surely don`t want to secure personal sex slaves for male politicians and therfore traumatize more women.
He does not want to have firearms distributed in kindergartens and shoot more greenhouse gases into the air, or better to blow up a nuclear power station.
Or he does not want to the same kid when it accidentally shot, put the same kid for 20 years behind bars or be condemned to the death penalty.

Some of the written I just even have invented. The rest is definitely from Donald Trump’s mouth and campaign strategy. Red located.
He himself makes a great effort, his wife has seen through the trick and noticed that Michelle’s husband Barack Obama became the President of America and thought.: I also can do that, I just make the same speech like Michelle. In this speech Trump is a philanthropist and peacemaker and was touted as we know it only from the program of Barack Obama.

Donald Trump bangs on the drum properly, these times.

He features the devil for us, the Beelzebub and Hitler in one person. He presents us a figment of evil. Even Hollywood can only represent it as perfect as he can. He will ruin all diplomatic relations of America and lay the world in ruins.
In truth he finally wants a female President of America and paints himself in the worst colors, so that the American voters do not have to think twice.

Donald Trump is the best campaign strategy that Hillary Clinton ever had.
She’s just a pretty wily and clever politician.
Her tactic for a time was difficult to understand.

For those who have not yet understood:


And save the world from the devil.

Donald Trump is the best campaign worker, Hillary Clinton can have.

Goddess help America!

PS: Unfortunately this text has yet to be translated into English because we can cast no vote here in Germany.

© english- version
Actualisiced from german version.
August 24, 2016 author Juliane Arnold. Stuttgart. Germany.


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