The survival of women is the sacred hunt

If you do not have good hunting grounds and arrows, you should not get pregnant.

One day he did not come back from the hunt. She waits days and more days and consumes all supplies and always thought, he comes back already and brings the loot with. The hunt has not always been successful. He did not come back. They sent search parties, he was gone. The supplies came to an end and there came what had to happen. She and the children began to starve. The hope of a return never faded, but there was no other solution. She took the bow and began shooting practice. She was bad, constantly missing the target, while her hands were shaking because hunger weakened her. Then it got better, she got food from the neighbor. Then she simply left the children behind, took the baby on her back and went hunting. She lurked and missed the target. Came back with some wild berries. The children got sick. Then she succeeded. If you want to live, you have to meet. She still had a herb garden, but he did not give much. She shot the first game and could not carry it. She brought it home on a sled. Do not get caught by the other men, they’ll take it away from you. It always has to stay out of their way, it has to be hidden from them. The game was roasted and eaten, the rest is spoiled and has attracted rats and caused abdominal pain. But Artemis was getting better, she fed herself and the kids from the hunt. The man never came back. 

Today we have the legend of the Huntress, who says: Artemis arrows always hit!

She is our ancestor from the hunter and gatherer time, she brought us through. The missing man may have been dead, maybe wounded, or he ran away. You never know, she was not mad at him, he is considered dead. She gave something to her daughters: whoever has a baby, must also know how she feeds it and how she hunts the game with her she can feed it or it will die. The man disappears in the war, in death, in running away to the other woman or he just emigrates. The main rule of Artemis is: As a woman you have to be able to feed yourself and your children, otherwise you will not survive.

The men of Germany are doing everything to make this impossible. Germany makes it difficult for women to survive, while men have big bellies and fat cars. They want to tie women into houses where they should live depending on their money. These men have power over God because they are God they say what God has said and that’s what men want. Most men are no longer interested in the children when they leave the wife, not even for the wife. They do not pay maintenance. 30% of women in Germany are single parents and the state makes a policy that should make it impossible for women to commit their own game! Working with all possibilities of conservative politics is made impossible for her and she is constantly unemployed. They force women and children into the lower classes of Hartz IV recipients who cannot afford electricity and clothing in favor of food. These women are not allowed to work because the men want to dominate them and offer them sex sales as the only job over and over again, sex selling as a housewife or as a whore does not matter in the case, all this is forced prostitution. This is the enslavement of the woman who cannot survive without the man, even if he suddenly decides to disappear. The conservative householder policy takes into consideration men who put a woman in dire straits to make her sexually compliant and a housekeeper. There is only financial dependence left over from love. The policy of enslavement is the end of the love relationship. The poorer man should no longer have a chance to come to a woman who could very well earn the money herself. That is why “making women dependent on men’s money” is meant as a policy of oppressing the poor. The buckle of babies during hunting or work has therefore been banned by the repressive state. There is no company kindergarten, it is called the work prohibition law, the maternity protection law forbids working so that the wife and the child die if they do not obey to what the man wants. Or it prevents the woman from ever finding a job. If you do not have a sideline, do not survive with HartzIV.

If you do not have good hunting grounds and arrows, you should let the kids keep them.

This is the rule of our ancestor, narrated in the legend of the goddess Artemis. The original mother of humanity! It is called a great mother when we speak of the goddess, because all men are descended from her. She is our great-grandmother.

She gives all her daughters this advice: If you learn to hunt well, then you will live.

“If you have a pregnancy and no hunting grounds or supplies, then you are a dead woman!” (Artemis 2019)

Comment by the author: The government of Baden-Württemberg has just granted me a ban on work for the federal state and (indirectly) gave the order to get pregnant now!

The stealing of game hunting by other men still exists.

The money-only-for-men policy is for men to live in paradise in paradise and in the “rich” country while the women on the street have to look for salable garbage!

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