The thoughtcrime is to report this: the new world order conspiracy

This article is prohibited. A thoughtcrime to think about it and to question the government and its actions. Voluntary self-censorship takes place in all major media. Not with me. I now examine the “conspiracy theory”: “The new world order”

The following blatant conspiracy theory was in circulation 20 years ago: A global elite would have planned a worldwide dictatorship that would lead to the complete enslavement of mankind.

Who’s the conspiracy?

They called the conspirators illumiati, satanic bloodlines and reptilioids. I would say that this naming is extremely unfavorable for serious reporting. All of these people are not guilty. There is, however, the Bilderberg conference, which many reporters and journalists were accused of being crazy conspiracy theorists and ridiculed as aluminum hats. Until the Bilderberger conference was proven and shown in the Government-News (Tagesschau Germany). With that, the word “theory” was abolished and only the word “conspiracy” was left. Conspiracy is when people take an oath and remain silent about it. They have a common goal. So whoever it is, it is global and it is visible through the actions of governments. The corona crisis was not triggered by the WHO, but by the Robert Koch Institute. It is not a UN instruction.

The conspiracy theory speaks of the desired world government, but apparently this is not the UN. Here they were wrong. It remains in the dark who it is.

The Bilderberger conference is considered a “kingmaker” and perhaps also a “queen maker”. Politicians seen there often later become presidents and chancellors. In his election speech, the French Prime Minister Macron spoke of the desired “New World Order”. He is now putting this into practice. American presidents often come from the Scull and Bones Order. This is a student association of Yale University. Only Obama was not part of it. There are worldwide religious connections especially in the church and not only among Freemasons, whose forbidden part is the Bavarian Illuminati order. However, there are various Templar orders that still exist.

What is the New World Order doing?

I have not read H.G. Wells (Brave New World), but read various conspiracy books and watched films.

So 20 years ago, around the year 2000, it was said that there should be a global world government. This is to be enforced by creating an external threat that the entire human race should fight together. E.g. an illness or pandemic. Swine flu and avian flu have been proposed.

The fact is that the bird flu Sars virus is now called Corona.

Furthermore, all basic democratic and human rights should be suspended due to a higher goal. The goal: the enslavement of mankind.

The remedy is said to be scaremongering and fear generation. Mankind should freeze with fear, so that they perceive all restrictions as a saving hand and willingly receive and “love” their slavery.

The goal is to manipulate humanity with fear that they willingly request more restrictions and surveillance.

The second step comes with the generation of global pandemic fear. The surveillance and the ban on contact. The ban on contact is a topic in George Orwell’s 1984. The “thoughtcriminals” from the opposition party “outer party” should no longer be allowed to meet and talk to each other. Human contact is prohibited. Much of Orwell’s vision is a reality today. The Big Brother: The television and the cameras of the computer. (Mine is always taped, just like Marc Zuckerberg’s) Nobody is allowed to travel and move freely and everyone will be given cards or microchips to always monitor their location. The microchip should also have access to the bank accounts. The government can immediately steal all money if someone criticizes or opposes it, however small it may be.

So far, the microchip has not come true because the development of it has not progressed enough. The elite are now taking the Coronaapp instead. Of course, they are still shouting that she is voluntary, she will be compulsory after 4 weeks at the latest and then everyone must always carry their cell phone with themselves. If you don’t have one yet, you will get to know the prices. The Coronaapp has the following advantages for suppression: It shows not only the location and the contacts, a Trojan can also be installed to intercept on the telephone and private calls, so that there is no longer any conversation in the family without it is recorded by the dictatorship and can be used against people. An electronic ankle bracelet is now in the cell phone and is carried around voluntarily by everyone, creating a global prison for enslaved humanity. So, no, it’s not “conspiracy theory” it’s the latest government statement on the Coronaapp. It has only been forbidden to criticize the global state prison for all people. Then they call you “conspiracy theorist“.

The third step is the forced vaccination.
The “conspiracy theory” says that enslaved humanity is now being forced to be vaccinated. Bill Gates development of the Corona vaccine doesn’t make it any better. After all, the Microsoft boss generally cares more for microchips than for medicine. The implanted chip has already been suspected in some vaccines. But this would be a little difficult to do. I think they are forcing us to do so when it comes to money and monitoring our location. As a kind of punishment for cell phones that have been put away. “People still die from the pandemic and YOU are still running around freely?” The implant chip is still as big as a medicine capsule and is noticeable under the skin. It does not contain any cyanide to kill us at the push of a button. The American President Donald Trump was simply too impatient and wanted to introduce the New World Order during his term in office and did not want to wait until all these gimmicks have been developed. That Donald Trump is behind it is now my own “conspiracy theory”.

The vaccination should save you from the pandemic. According to the “conspiracy theory” from the year 2000 it should also kill about 2/3 of humanity. The goal was set in stone on the Georgia Guidestones in the USA and can be read there as a “conspiracy fact”. “Keep humanity under 500,000,000“.

I would like to add something here that I found out personally:

The German army „Bundeswehr“ is running around and supposedly doing virus tests with cotton swabs. This is not suitable for testing for viruses, but for checking genomes.

For me, this points to eugenics and to racial or genetic selection. All too often, Germans want to kill foreigners, Jews and other races. This is my “conspiracy theory” and I’m still looking for evidence. Evidence would be, for example, Holocaust weapons ordered by the German armed forces and police, such as quicklime, which was used in the Holocaust to kill people. Murder is planned here and that of state institutions of the executive. Perhaps it is not a matter of infiltration by the police and the german army „Bundeswehr“, but perhaps crimes planned by the state? Then this would be proof of the new Holocaust planned by the state eugenically.

It is not very trustworthy if Angela Merkel repeats speeches from the Big Brother state and uses Hitler methods to take power. All with the “The goal justifies the means” method. There must be no purpose that justifies the dictatorship.


The following steps of the “New World Order” are currently being realized:

Abolition of fundamental rights

Pandemic panic


No contact


Forced vaccination

I now have a request to all: Please do not insult every “conspiracy theorist” as crazy, aluminum hats and criminals. They were right on so many points and it is always important to listen to all critical voices, to take them seriously and to review and question their theses and not to cry aggressively and lock them up! They face psychiatrization so that the truth is locked up as madness and the dictatorship can continue to rage.

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