Threads of political and religious imprisonment Germany

I am threatened with imprisoning in psychiatry rights out of political, political and political affairs and because of my freedom of the press.

Holocaust threats in Germany, I am supposed to be picked up with the psychiatry.

Dear Sirs,

I was born on November 26th, ——-, I am a German citizen, single and left the Protestant Church in 2005. I have no kids.

I am a special school teacher, artist (you can see my art here: and media designer (

I had an accident in 2019 and had to walk on crutches until almost the end of 2020 because of a ligament rupture operation that had healed poorly. That’s why I was insulted as a disabled person. As a result, I was unemployed for a while because I lost my job at a private school. I am well again now.

I live on the 1st floor of S-, 70188 Stuttgart.

Since around 2015 I have been attacked by church members who want to force me back into church.

They bully me in my apartment building and speak to me audibly in the stairwell that I am a Jew and they wanted to ask me if I would go to church with them. They do not speak to me directly about it. They would have seen “Judaism” on me, the “Judaism flag” and they would like to make Stuttgart a “Jew-free zone”.

Ms. Heike H- has also lived below me since 2015. In Ms. Heike H- apartment below me there is also a man named Wolfgang Bayer.

Sentences can be heard from this apartment: “I will torture you until you are pregnant.” And “I will torture you until you have a round belly”. I feel addressed by it.

In addition, it is said: “We want to get all women’s rights away” And there is a trick with which you can get all women’s rights away, namely incapacitation and constant reporting and slander as “crazy”. Unfortunately, I have to hear that in my apartment.

In 2020 there was a major argument in the stairwell on March 22nd.

Ms. Heike H-and Wolfgang B- held me in the stairwell and yelled at me. Frau H-ordered me to hang posters out of my window. It says: “No Merkel Fascism” I am adding a photo.

She also ordered me to delete my website “”. Both of these were totally crazy.

I should obey her because she has a say in the same house.

Wolfgang B- said: “You are totally irresponsible” and he doesn’t like any hard rock that I would always listen to.

I went into the laundry room and was then prevented from coming out by Wolfgang B- until the police suddenly stood there. The police warned me that I had sung on the balcony beforehand (and Wolfgang B- would not have wanted to hear it. There was no fine. Wolfgang B- testified in front of the police that I would run through the whole house with a “knife that long” didn’t know what he was talking about, but he wants to portray me as dangerous. (vocals only)

The plan to take me to the psychiatric ward seems to have been in him by then. People who are considered dangerous can be instructed there.

This man’s hatred was evident.

A few weeks ago, I caught him putting out cigarettes on my brand new car. When I reported this to the police, I went, the officer only said, “You are attacking the police. We are now writing you in the file as the attacker. “Since then I have known that the police are dangerous for me because they slandered me for the first time.

A week later, March 28th, 2021 I opened the kitchen window and coughed and Felice C- from the ground floor shouted: “Juliane!”

A quarter of an hour later the police came. Storm rang and shouted: “Open the police”

2 police officers were standing in front of my door. The woman laughed, the man said: “We can instruct you too, you are crazy!” I said: “Why am I crazy?” The policeman said: “Yes, because of your crazy posters there” He meant my window.

It was here that I was threatened with psychiatric imprisonment for the first time because of the political window.

The policeman asked the neighbor if she had seen anything on me. I was just watching it. (On the video: Policeman with Mrs. Gerwin)

This also contributes to the character assassination of me. Now tell the whole house the following sentences: “The police keep coming because of Juliane”

Felice Civale and Heike H- and Wolfgang B- had forged the plan to report anything they see me to the police and call me “crazy”. They told this all over the house. It was also discussed at a homeowners meeting.

They sent all the people in the house on me.

You can hear gossip about me all over the house.

On 9/15 the police came at 10 p.m. at night and rang the bell storm. I opened the door and stood in front of the howling crowd: Felice Civale held out the Stinkfeiner to me, Frau H-barked at me and Wolfgang Bayer stood around too. In front of them the police who questioned me. I had to show my ID. They asked if I was receiving medical treatment or was taking medication. The neighbors would be “worried”. There can be no question of worry. Everywhere in the house and in front of the police I am slandered as “crazy” and should still be blackmailed not to criticize Angela Merkel anymore and to change my blog.

Felice Civale is a downstairs neighbor. He harasses me every step of the way, whenever I see him, he insults me.

An egg flew on my car.

There was vomit on the car.

Felice C- from the first floor sent me a threatening letter with feces on it in front of the door and threatened on the notice board in the house that a room in the Winnenden psychiatry was free for me. He yelled around in front of my door, I “I’m going to send you to the psychiatric ward”

He threatened me in the laundry room with a mop and asked me for a coffee, if necessary with force. I had to call the police about it. A few days later he rioted in front of my door and wanted to enter it. After that he called the police himself and reported me, I just heard him say I was crazy about the web blog I write:

You can find a summary and documents about this in this video:

I received a message in the mail that the police were investigating me for property damage.

It didn’t say why, but a few weeks later the prosecution dropped the investigation.

The neighbor informed me at the end of December that Felice C-‘s children had thrown fireworks at my car and burned them on the car roof. This left paint damage.

In December 2020, package notifications were stolen from me from all packages that I should have received. The postman had got used to sticking them only on the outside of the mailbox. Emma magazine was also stolen from the mailbox. Value: 10 €.

I put a sign on the mailbox that the parcel carrier should please put the notifications inside the mailbox.

Frau Hauschke cut up my sign and tore off half of it. She wrote me a letter that the police gave her permission to do so.

I received a police letter addressed to Mr. Arnold that I was being investigated for insult.

I never know what it’s about, there are only allegations in the letters and it is not said who is reporting or what is going on. The investigation is probably still going on.

February 23, 2021 The police suddenly tried to break open the door. Here only sound was played at room volume and there was no disturbance of the peace and no one was in danger. The police were called a total of 3 times.

I read a file against the conditions in our house. It wasn’t particularly loud and I call it an anti-holocaust demo.

Heike Hauschke stood in front of my door at night the next day and made sound recordings of my apartment and berated me about my family and my private life and wanted to confront me. I didn’t open it, but said: “I just don’t want to have anything to do with you, don’t interfere in my private life.” I told her this again and again.

The police cam 1 hour later.

Apparently they want to investigate what kind of “problems” there are with my private life. The medical officer informed me of this a few days later. In truth, there is a mechanism going on here to make me a prisoner in psychiatry.

I didn’t approach people aggressively, nor did I ever approach the police, I gave my opinion here and didn’t want to sleep with men in the house. I have a blog and no church membership. That’s why I’m being persecuted. Especially from Heike Hauschke.

I also filed a complaint with the police for a deprivation of liberty date and slandering myself as crazy. For the time being, there was only one criminal complaint against Felice C- for insult, as can be seen in the video.


The police made an appointment with me to inspect the damage on my car after I sent a photo directly to the prosecutor.

This was on March 1, 2021. A woman and a man joined them. The man is Mr. Schm-from the public order office and a medical officer by the name of Kol-. They wanted to interview me about my mental health. The woman said: “You know me, the other night I was in front of her door” (I hadn’t seen her).

She said: “What kind of problems do you have with your parents?” And: “You were far too much alone”

I said: “I had a torn ligament and couldn’t go out for almost 1.5 years because of foot pain and then there was a lockdown and it was forbidden.” It was only later that I realized that I was being accused of living alone and not with them a man Jerome Schm- together.

I forbade her to write a psychiatric report on me because I was only supposed to be insulted by the neighbors.

I said: I don’t need a doctor, I need a lawyer.

Wolfgang B- had observed me and earlier called up through the ceiling: “Where is Mr. Arnold?” And: “Now she’s alone again on Saturday evening” etc. I was bullied through my floor or because of it those with the winter garden door open, you could hear everything.

These people in the neighborhood have conspired to take turns reporting me for nothing and then slandering me. They try to lock me up or threaten me again with admission to psychiatry. At the bottom it is said openly: “This is a trick with which one gets away with women’s rights”. They want to be allowed to report being single to me or me because of my opinion and personality.

My human rights are in great danger here, because apparently because of these slanders the police are standing in front of my door at night to pick me up.

I receive threatening letters from Felice C- that he would manage to take me to the psychiatric hospital, he shouts this around in front of my door. (Seen in the video)

However, all the explanations to the police did not stop them from sending me the medical officer Kow- and a man from the health department, Jerome Schm-. She has now done this questioning in front of the house at my parking lot in front of everyone and scolded me for my way of life as a single woman, as well as for my relationship with my parents. My parents have broken off contact with me for years and only send a few emails about the apartment of which they are my landlords.

Since I am still being sent messages from the house below me to my apartment that I should be tortured, I am afraid of these people who will not be deterred from threatening me with admission to psychiatry.

The neighbors talk about letting me know that I’m not in church and not with one or more men. In words: “But that’s Christianity” and that’s why I should be examined.

I would like to say that the Federal Republic of Germany and the City of Stuttgart are religiously persecuting me and want to be deported because of my gender. Most of it comes from the neighbor Hauschke, but the police and the regulatory authority are involved. A new persecution of Jews begins, or rather the persecution of people of different faiths / those who have left the church and I should simply be let disappear here.

I had previously lost my job as a teacher at the state of Baden Württemberg in 2019 for the same reasons, but could not prove it. The only thing that is certain is that I couldn’t get civil service because I couldn’t show a marriage certificate or birth certificate for children. Then I was told at work in the special school kindergarten that I had too little experience with very young children and couldn’t even change a diaper. Everything was a lie and I was treated in a humiliating way. Then I was fired and I am no longer allowed to work for the state of Baden-Württemberg (federal state of the Federal Republic of Germany). The kindergarten probably belongs to the city of Stuttgart, which is now having the medical officer tell me that I could be admitted if I want to continue living as a single. I reported attempted sexual coercion to the police, including against the neighbors who initiated it.

With best regards

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