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After many discussions, bad insults with the provider alphahosting and two interviewed lawyers, they wanted an amout of 142 € or 150 € or around 75 € for getting my domain back, in the time of the redemption period.

I refused to pay and they refused to provide. I had already payed the year amount of 16,89 € and this has to be enough. Another provider, strato, sold me the domain, declared as free. I payed them 9 € but it was not awaylable. The money is still theirs.

The redemption period must now be over and alphahosting was as nice to buy the domain again, after 2 months, the extortion money has not been payed.

So welcome back to my website juliane-arnold.com.

Alternative link: art-guerilla.de
German version: artemisnews.de

© November 13 2017 Author Ms. Juliane Arnold. Stuttgart, Germany.

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