Who is God? Approaches of a question

One day Adam was bearing. Her pelvis, however, was not very wide and there were birth complications, so Eva was born by cesarean section. Only later did Adam and her daughter Eva start taking drugs and were driven out of the garden for their safety. They lived among the people and still got sons and their daughter Isis. Set killed Osiris because he wanted the Pharaonic throne of Egypt.

In the Torah he is called Cain. Her sister, the goddess Isis, then mounted the royal throne and gave birth to Horus. The ancient queens of Egypt were all descended from them. Thutmosis was an illegitimate son of a pharaoh princess. She told, he was a foundling and raised him in the royal palace, where he learned Egyptian magic. This was the name of science, also called chemistry. At that time Egypt was still called Chem. Together with a bunch of slaves, they committed terrorist attacks on the pharaoh, who oppressed the people too much. Stole the gold in the end and fled to Israel. There they led a fight for the country against the Palestinians, which continues to this day. Sometimes they were completely expelled from it and later returned. Thutmosis is known to have been called by the Hebrews Moses. From him came the royal family, Abraham, Solomon and David. Apparently also Jesus. But he did not really know who has been his father. He himself says that the name of the Father is Amen, this is an ancient Egyptian god. He himself calls his father God. Possibly since he also Amun, in Hebrew vowels are not written. Amun is the wind and fertility god of ancient Egypt. He came to Mary in the form of the angel Gabriel and impregnated her. Since she was a virgin, he explains it to her exactly and said after the sex: “You are now pregnant and will get a child”. So we can say that Gabriel in ancient Egypt was called Amun. According to the book of Enoch, Gabriel had Enoch the order to cause strife and war among the people and so he went to Mohammed centuries later and incited him against the people and against the women and let them wage wars for the expansion of Amen’s power.
Artemis, however, came from the god father Zeus, he is a thunder god. In Latin it says Deus. Zeus is godfather and supreme god of the Greek and Roman Empire and the Universe. His daughters are equal to him. His statue was in ancient times a wonder of the world, which was lost. Artemis is the daughter of Zeus, her mother was a titan and always stayed in heaven. Artemis got from Zeus whatever she wanted.

Jesus is more like a demigod descended from a Hebrew, much like Achilles, who also had a Human Father and a Goddess as Mother.

Artemis founded a large queendom in Turkey (called Greece then), her world wonder temple stood in Ephesus. Athena in Greece invented matriarchy and democracy and laid the foundations of scientific developments. In Egypt, among other things, the gods and goddesses married their siblings so as not to dilute their blue blood. There was a pharaoh and a pharaoh on an equal footing. Under a pharaoh, Pharaoh means king, empress or god, somebody invented the dynamite and blew long tunnels out of the rock and they started to build pyramids. The other world wonder. Cleopatra invented the policy of divide and rule and let Roman armies fight against each other instead of sacrificing her own soldiers. Unfortunately, it lost the war and the library of Alexandria went up in flames and could only be approximately replaced in the present time by the Internet, because it contained all human knowledge and also the knowledge of the dynamite and other Egyptian achievements that have long been lost.

Maybe it will continue. (Text: Juliane Arnold 2019)

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